This week's participant in the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce and EDA's "Shop Local" promotion, Karma Cash, was Simpson's A&W.

This 1950s style diner, owned by Mark and Kathy Simpson since 1987, boasts a popular drive-in service, as well as an indoor dining option.

Open since 1956, the A&W is a popular restaurant and meeting place for the Spring Valley area, which is why it is very important to the Simpsons to help support the community as they keep supporting their business.

The business helps grow the local economy by employing 35 workers and by making a point to shop local for their diner and in their personal lives. Whether it is purchasing a car or just getting supplies, Kathy explained it is extremely important to give back to the community.

As the Tourism Committee chairperson, Kathy works hard to promote the community and lead by example, saying that volunteering is vital for small communities like Spring Valley.

"We have to give back in order to support each other," Simpson urged.