The Spring Valley City Council, during a regular meeting Monday, May 13, approved the resolution for the housing and healthcare facilities revenue note for the Spring Valley Care Center/Olmsted Medical Center project.

By approving the note, the care center will be able to move forward with other financing for the project.

As was stated in a previous meeting, Spring Valley Senior Living intends to build a 14,055 square foot building that will contain a medical clinic, which Olmsted Medical Center will be renting, a post acute nursing facility with more private rooms and an updated rehabilitation wing.

In other business:

• The Spring Valley Public Utilities requested a resolution approving a lien for nonpayment of utilities. The assessment was approved by the council to be placed on the parcel number 36.0756.00 owned by Perry Walters located at 628 Warren Avenue.

• The council approved the amendment to the Peopleservice contract. The only modification to the contract is the removal of snow removal. They will continue to provide 80 hours of service within Spring Valley.

• The council reviewed the bid for the tourist center parking lot from Rochester Sand and Gravel. The bid includes the removal of the existing blacktop and replacing it with asphalt. The decision was made to table the bid until more research done on other resurfacing products such as concrete and the council will review the information at the next meeting.

• The request for the renaming of the new South Park softball field the "Del Bicknese Field" was approved.

• The council reviewed a power load system for the Spring Valley ambulances. This is an updated cot, which would make it easier for the EMTs to load patients in safely. It also adds stability to the transport making it safer for the patients. This is not in the budget for this year, but was reviewed so the council can look into getting it in the budget for next year.

• In some good new for the community, according to John Fenske, Spring Valley Parks and Recreation Director, the pool is on schedule and on budget. They are hoping to be able to open the pool by June 7 or as soon as school is out depending on if the project gets completed early.

The next council meeting will be held Wednesday, May 29, at 6 p.m.