Dr. Christina Jahnke
Dr. Christina Jahnke
Dr. Christina Jahnke joined the team at Spring Valley Dental on July 8 and is very excited to be working in a small town that very much reminds her of her hometown.

Jahnke hails from Columbus, Wis., which is located 28 mile northeast of Madison, along with her parents and four siblings. While she was growing up in this small town her grandfather, Earl, was the town dentist. He was so well known and respected that a gentleman came into Spring Valley Dental recently to met Jahnke after seeing her name in the paper. The gentleman had previously worked as a veterinarian in Columbus and knew Earl well.

Her grandfather was a magnificent influence for the young Jahnke. In fact, she still remembers when he pulled out her first tooth. But Earl wasn't the only significant influence in Jahnke's life.

She has participated in numerous missions throughout the United States, but it was her mission trip to Guatemala where she helped with cleanings and assisted in extractions for the needy in the area that helped her choose between dentistry and medicine. An important purpose of the mission was also to teach the significance of oral hygiene.

She received her undergraduate and doctor of dental surgery degree from Marquette University, located in Milwaukee.

Not only did Jahnke graduate summa cum laude, she was also the winner of the Maria Dittman Research Paper, which is a library research competition for students at Marquette and the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Valedictorian. She is affiliated with both the American Dental Society and the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society.

When Jahnke isn't perfecting her new patients' smiles she enjoys volunteering within the community and staying active by running, having competed in one marathon and two half marathons, and swimming.

She is also busy planning her upcoming wedding. She and her fiancé will be married in September 2014 on the Marquette University campus.

While Jahnke admits she is still learning and adjusting to the flow of the office, she is excited to come to work everyday and calls the staff "awesome."

"It's a nice change from Milwaukee and the commute from Rochester to Spring Valley is pretty easy," Jahnke said of her move to Minnesota. "Everyone is coming into the city and I get to go the other way to Spring Valley!"