The Spring Valley City Council, meeting Monday, Jan. 14, dealt with typical "housekeeping" items for the start of a new year.

After reciting the oath of office together, council members got down to business, which included approving the purchase of a new squad car. Council members were presented with two bids, one from Zeimetz Motors in Spring Valley, and the other a state bid, for a 2013 Chevrolet Impala police four-door sedan. The bid from Zeimetz came in at $22,000 and the state bid, $20,886.75. The council decided to approve the local bid from Zeimetz.

Mayor Jim Struzyk noted that the city "usually buys local."

City Administrator Deb Zimmer said there is $25,000 budgeted for the new car, adding that whatever can be used from the old squad for the new one will be transferred.

As is the case every new year, the city council took care of several "housekeeping items:"

• It approved the Spring Valley Tribune as the city's official newspaper.

• Security State Bank, Home Federal Savings Bank, First State Bank and First National Bank, all four banks in Spring Valley, were named official depositories of funds. Home Federal was designated for the city's primary checking, payroll, and HRA accounts.

• The council approved a resolution granting Struzyk and Zimmer corporate authorization for banking purposes.

• City fees were approved for 2013, with Zimmer noting they are the same as last year.

• A resolution was approved establishing coverage under the city's worker's compensation insurance for injuries to elected and appointed officials.

• The resolution, which establishes reimbursable items for city personnel, was approved. Zimmer noted the only change was the federal mileage rate, which is now 56.5 cents/ mile.

The council discussed renewing Kwik Trip's 3.2 liquor license. Zimmer noted that "everything is fine" with the renewal, which was approved, pending all necessary paperwork and payment being received.

Council members approved the conversion of city employee's sick and vacations days to paid time off (PTO), as discussed during the Jan. 9 special council meeting. Staff members in attendance Jan. 14 said they had no problems with the change. Zimmer said the conversion would begin Feb. 1.

Emergency Management Director John Dols submitted a 2012 "wrap up" letter to council members. The main item discussed in the letter was the new radio system.

The letter stated, "Due to FCC requirements for narrow banding in 2013, council improved a new radio system that will be shared by Emergency Management and Street Department. The new system was needed due to the majority of existing equipment not being able to meet narrow banding requirements. All equipment is ordered and has arrived at Comtec and has been partially programmed.

"The snag that we have run into and why the system is not operational as of yet is because the street department frequency, which we have been using, had its license expire in 2004. When we applied to have the frequency narrow banded the FCC informed us it was not a valid frequency. We are in the process of trying to re-obtain that frequency or license a new one."

During the Jan. 14 meeting, Dols was present. To give an update to the letter, he noted that they are still waiting on a license, but once that is obtained they will be up and running. He said he talked to Comtec about the programming of the equipment. He noted installs could be done this week.

Ron Merkel was on hand, along with Street Department Supervisor Chad Hindt, to discuss Merkel's bill to the City of Spring Valley for construction on the new trail bridge. This item was tabled from a December meeting. The original bill for materials and labor was submitted to the city in the amount of $31,310. Zimmer noted there was about $25,000 left in the trail fund, and that the difference would likely come out of the street department budget.

Merkel noted he would drop the bill balance to $29,310 and the difference could be marked as a donation to the city. Council members approved paying the bill, as adjusted, and thanked Merkel.

The annual appointments were approved:

• EDA: Dave Phillips, Kim Brown, Jeff Vehrenkamp and Jim Struzyk

• Library: Karol Lyon and Bill Rowen

• Utilities: Bruce Hartert

• Tourism: Todd Jones

• Zoning Adjustment: Brian Danielson and Kevin Beck

• Planning & Zoning: James Dessner and Brian Danielson

• Emergency Management: John Dols, director; and Mike Zimmer, Jeff Kappers and Knud Jorgenson, assistant directors

• Medical Director: Steve Harder

• Fire department: Chris Czapiewski, chief; Troy Lange, first assistant chief; and Jim McCabe, second assistant chief

• Commissions for council members (same as last year): Public Safety, Todd Jones; Park & Rec, Bill Bires; Library, Tony Archer; Administration, Jeff Vehrenkamp; and Streets & Utilities, Jim Struzyk.

• Mayor pro tem is Jeff Vehrenkamp