The Spring Valley City Council gathered Tuesday, Nov. 14, due to the Veterans Day holiday and set the date for a public hearing on establishing TIF (Tax Increment Financing) district No. 1-12 during a brief meeting.

The public hearing will be held Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 6 p.m. at City Hall. City Administrator Deb Zimmer said more information will be gone over at the hearing, including the proposed establishment of the district and the adoption of the TIF plan. Zimmer said the new TIF district would be established on the property located on the corner of Pleasant Avenue and West Tracy Road, behind Kwik Trip. Zimmer said council member and resident Todd Jones is purchasing this property to build the True Value store. Council member Jones abstained from the vote on the hearing.

The council approved its garbage service contract with Waste Management, which was discussed at its last meeting. The start date of the new contract was extended three months from its original start date. Zimmer noted the changes reflected in the written contract are what was already discussed due to the extension.

Also approved was a resolution canvassing the election and declaring the results. Incumbent Jim Struzyk was reelected mayor with 1,014 votes. City council incumbents reelected were Jeff Vehrenkamp with 831 votes and Bill Bires with 907 votes.

Zimmer brought up the issue of the library needing one of its furnaces either repaired or replaced. Zimmer said that it is not functioning properly. The estimated cost to repair is $2,000 and $5,000 to $6,000 to replace. Zimmer said it is library director Dianne Sikkink's recommendation that it be replaced. The funds would come out of the library's budget. Bires recommended, since the furnaces seem to have had issues in the past, that they look into another company to purchase them from. The council approved replacing the unit, pending the approval of the library board.

For his commission report, Bires said Kari McGill of Photography by Kari has donated more than $400 to the Park and Rec Department from the proceeds of the photos she took for Halloween.

Other business

• The quarterly write-offs for the ambulance service were approved with total write-offs for the resolution being $21,651.12.

• Zimmer announced that the regular city council meeting will still be held on Monday, Nov. 26, at 6 p.m. Then the public hearing will be held two days later. The Truth in Taxation hearing will be held Monday, Dec. 10, at 6:01 p.m., along with the regular council meeting.