This week's Karma Cash participant is True Value, which just celebrated its grand opening in its new location.

Owner Todd Jones and his nine employees now boast an LP exchange, sell hunting and fishing licenses and just about anything else a person could need for their home.

Jones works hard to serve not only his customers, but also the community. He does this as a member of the Spring Valley City Council and through numerous activities, such as the King of the Hill Soapbox Derby. Jones also just donated charcoal to the Spring Valley Fire Department as a thank you for all the help he received after the former True Value store was damaged by fire in 2011.

Shopping locally is quite important to Jones, as he sees this as the only way to keep Spring Valley's businesses flourishing.

"If we don't support the local businesses there won't be any that survive," he said.

Jones encourages those in Spring Valley to give back a little everyday.

"Do the little things; everybody can do it even if they're busy. It can be as simple as opening the door for someone, " Jones explained.