Kingsland will be playing varsity sports tonight (Wednesday) with two games scheduled - the boys at Lewiston-Altura and the girls at home against Caledonia.

What makes this unusual - thought to be a first in the history of Kingsland athletics - is that the games will be played on Wednesday, usually a night set aside for family and religious activities.

"This unusually cold, snowy, and windy winter we have had has left us with few options when trying to find enough dates to reschedule all the activities that have been postponed," said Kingsland Activities Director Tom Speltz in a memo sent out to Kingsland fans. "In order to maintain schedule integrity and ensure a fairly-won conference championship, we make every effort to play all games on the schedule. In some cases, this has meant playing four games a week and/or playing on Saturdays. However, with just a few weeks left in the season, it is getting harder and harder to find a date that works for all schools involved."

That is why he and Superintendent John McDonald are taking the unusual step of scheduling games on Wednesday, Feb. 5. They consulted with the Spring Valley Ministerial Association for guidance on a decision.

Because it is normally a specially designated night, the games will start earlier so they can be completed by 7 p.m. in order to preserve the rest of the evening for family activities. Also, seventh and eighth grade games won't be held in conjunction with the games as is usual.

The teams have missed several games due to the weather this season, with most of the postponements coming in recent weeks. The girls basketball team needs to fit 10 games into the next three weeks while the boys teams have an earlier finish than usual this season due to a change in the state tournament. Caucuses on Tuesday prevented games from being scheduled that night this week.

"We want to let the public know that this decision is not taken lightly," said Speltz, adding that they want to "assure the public that it will not be a common occurrence. We hope that is is a fair and reasonable compromise for all involved."