"I'd like to add an item to the agenda," said Wykoff City Council member Megan Larson, as the council surveyed its June agenda for approval before beginning to handle old business last Monday evening. "I'd like to add 'no confidence' as number 11 on the agenda."

The council did just that, and the meeting proceeded quite normally - covering numerous matters of city housekeeping, such as updates on the new wastewater treatment plant and hiring a plant operator, water meters, city bills, city equipment, emergency sirens and snow fencing - until the council reached number 11 on the agenda, at which point Larson introduced the "no confidence" item to Mayor Lyman Hare, saying, "I'd like to make a motion to vote 'no confidence' in the mayor. Do you know what that means, Lyman?"

Larson went on, referring to the council, "Everybody knows what it is we discussed...you've talked to applicants in your place of employment before they've been interviewed, and that opened us up to major liability."

Hare asked, "Can I respond?"

Larson then informed Hare that "it's a violation of data privacy, telling one applicant about another applicant," showing the mayor what appeared to be a transcript of the city's digital taping of the wastewater treatment plant operator interview session, noting that the council had witnessed Hare sharing information about applicants with other applicants.

Hare countered, "There were three others who said it, too."

Larson pointed to the transcript, saying, "I have it here. I'm asking my fellow city council members if they would like to vote 'no confidence' in the mayor."

Larson's "fellow council members," Jeremy Comstock, Rocky Vreeman and Mitch Grabau, voted unanimously along with Larson to register no confidence in the mayor.

Hare replied that since the council felt that he could not handle his responsibilities, he would submit his letter of resignation.

Larson stated that the council was not seeking his resignation, but that its members wished to inform him of his missteps.

Comstock said, "I think what we're looking at, Lyman, is that we don't want to end up in court."

Hare answered, "I'm resigning if you have no confidence in me."

City clerk Cheryl Davis copied the transcript Larson held and distributed the copies to the mayor and the rest of the council. Comstock made a motion to adjourn the meeting - which had run more than two hours due to the number of items with which the council dealt - and the council departed, though Hare remained for a short time, apparently reading the papers handed to him.

At the time of adjournment, the council did not have Hare's resignation letter in hand, but Hare submitted one dated June 9 to the city, and, according to state law, his resignation is effective the date the council receives it.