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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 10:47 AM
Who do you suppose was Dr. Ward who printed a cookbook that began in 1916?
  • ‘Reliable remedies’ recipes have ties to Spring Valley
    Who do you suppose was Dr. Ward who printed a cookbook that began in 1916?
  • First month of college more challenging than expected
    Sitting down today to write this week’s column, the only thing I can think of is homework. This isn’t surprising because homework has been very much on my mind for a month now. That’s how long I’ve been going to college, and as you might imagine, it’s been a big change for me.
  • Have you read the Constitution?
    Sept. 17 to 23 is Constitution Week, a time to commemorate America’s most important document. The resolution, petitioned by the Daughters of the American Revolution, was adopted by Congress and signed into law in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • Raabe family wooden desk on display at museum
    A beautiful wooden desk made by Theodore Raabe is found in the parlor at the Washburn-Zittleman historic home on West Courtland Avenue, Spring Valley.  Made of black walnut and beech wood, it is an exceptional piece that was added to the museum collection many years ago.
  • Dining room table the centerpiece of Clan life
    Back when I was just staring this column, someone asked me to write about our dining room table. They thought it would be interesting to know how we have room for 15 to sit down and eat meals.
  • Connection strengthened on a  26.2 mile journey in South Dakota
    As I was making my way through the early part of a marathon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sunday morning, a man ran up next to me and asked me if I was Dave Phillips from Spring Valley. As I confirmed my identity to a man I didn’t recognize, my brain was quickly searching its sometimes forgetful resources trying to figure out how he knew me. Was he a running acquaintance from Rochester, someone I talked to at one of my newspaper offices or someone I met briefly at a local gathering?
  • Snakes, butterflies notable exceptions to indoor pet rules
    The Clan is not an indoor pets family. Since we moved to the farm about 18 years ago, we’ve kept plenty of animals (dogs, cats, lots of chickens) but none of these animals have ever lived in the house. Especially not the chickens.
  • Clueless freshmen still have shot at fulfilling life
    At my grandson’s ninth grade orientation last week, the principal talked to the students about their entry into high school, which means things get more serious as a certain number of credits are required for graduation and a certain amount of planning is required for the future.
  • German couple settles near Midway Church area east of SV
    Recently we found a family “sketch” done by Louie Alberts on his family for the centennial edition in 1955.  Following are bits and pieces of that sketch.
  • Mobile sleeping habits a source of many funny stories
    The Clan has often (and fairly) been accused of being a loud and noisy bunch. We’re always getting comments about how loud it must be at our house, and, not gonna lie, those people are always right. Our house is not a quiet place.
  • Still hope for special session?
    As a follow-up to last week’s column, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is still holding out hope, or at least trying to put some pressure on the possibility, that state leaders will come to an agreement on holding a special session to deal with the issues — tax relief, bonding and comprehensive transportation funding — that were left unresolved last session. 
  • We continue this week with stories by Ethel Boger Haase, a graduate of the class of ‘34.
  • Overassertive vegetables threaten to take over Clan’s garden
    This is it: the time of year when the garden begins to take off (and sometimes take over). If you’re a gardener, you know what it’s like if you let things slide in the garden during this part of the growing season. You come back from a weekend vacation and boom! Things are completely out of control and there’s so much produce you’re desperate for more friends, family, and neighbors to give it away to. 
  • Rare compromise now dead  as partisan politics wins again
    It’s official. The $800 million tax bill, which would have given relief to many Minnesotans, is dead. That’s because Gov. Mark Dayton said Aug. 18 he won’t call a special session to try to resolve tax relief, along with transportation and bonding bills that were also included in negotiations.
  • Everyday life through eyes of student in 1920s, ‘30s
    When Spring Valley celebrated its sesquicentennial, the Tribune heard from Ethel Boger Haase, a 1934 graduate and best buddy of my mother, Mary Gail Steffens.  Ethel had great stories to tell about everyday life in Spring Valley, and we will share some of them here.  The Boger family lived on North Broadway Avenue.
Climate change

Earth had its warmest temperature ever in 2015 and weather extremes are continuing into 2016, including locally with heavy rains causing flooding. Are you concerned?


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