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Tuesday, November 24, 2015 8:09 AM

There’s nothing better than getting buzzed in the evening. It’s something I look forward to every day, if possible.

  • There’s nothing better than getting buzzed in the evening. It’s something I look forward to every day, if possible.

  • It’s November, that special time of year when the weather fluctuates between gorgeous fall days and cruddy winter weather. I’ve always found that we somehow end up with more than our fair share of cold, rainy days. But despite the rain and freezing cold, November is a very important month for the Clan.

  • With Thanksgiving approaching next week, thoughts of gratitude are on the minds of many people. Like others, I am thankful for family, friends, good health and, in a global context, a comfortable life in a peaceful land.

  • One of the many peculiar aspects of my family is the fact that we don’t watch a lot of TV. Or, to be more accurate, we don’t watch any TV. And we also don’t watch very many movies — certainly not many new ones. Because of this, my grasp of popular movies is outdated by five or 10 years.

  • Most kids my age can’t brag about having great-grandparents. I’m fortunate enough to not only have several, but to be able to see them often. In fact, just recently we had my Great-grandpa Everett over to attend a Clan birthday party. Coincidentally, that day also happened to be his 96th birthday and while we were sitting around eating cake he asked if I planned to write an article about him.

  • Sidewalks have been a hot topic in area communities, most recently in Spring Valley and Preston where residents have attended council meetings to oppose assessments to pay for their construction. As is often the case, local cities assess a portion of sidewalk construction to property owners.

  • Usually, the weeks fly by between the publications of our newspaper. After our newspaper goes to press, the time leading up to the next deadline never seems long enough. 

  • If you’ve been faithfully following my column every week (and you have, haven’t you?) you might remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about the board games my grandma has introduced us to. Many of these are a little obscure and certainly not as well-known as Scrabble or Monopoly, but we’ve had tons of fun playing them. Something I didn’t mention in that article, though, is that I actually have two grandmas, one on each side of the family.

  • Personal confession: I’m terrible at remembering the holidays. Oh, Christmas is hard to miss, but I never remember what day Thanksgiving is on, or when Easter happens. And Labor Day? You’ve got to be kidding. I have no idea when that happens.

  • Readers may feel that the role of the editor at a small, community newspaper is to collect all the information that comes in our door each week and merely reproduce it in the pages of our publication. However, besides the practical decisions we face each week about gathering the news, there are also ethical dilemmas that often crop up in the process.

  • The other day I heard someone complaining about fall, saying they disliked this time of year. Their reason? Because winter comes after it. But while I share Minnesotans’ dislike of our cold winters, I don’t hate fall for coming first. In fact, there are many reasons why fall is actually my favorite season.

  • Sometimes when I am driving alone in my car for longer distances I start thinking of good names for a rock band to drive off boredom. 

  • My family is a venison-eating family. Actually, we’re a family with a lot of boys, which means that if meat is available, we consume it in large quantities. And since meat isn’t cheap, hunting is one of the ways we put meat in our freezer. We’ve come to rely pretty heavily on venison for ground meat, roasts, and even our homemade spaghetti sauce and chili.

  • Our newspaper received a request last month from two University of Minnesota scientists who are doing research on the origin of iron ore. The two, including Dr. Calvin Alexander, who is a well-known geologist in this area, wanted photographs of iron ore mining, which was prevalent in the area, particularly around Spring Valley, from 1942 to around 1970.

  • The Clan does many weird things. You already know some of them—beekeeping, canning, sewing our own backpacking gear, and wearing shoes with toes. But that’s just the beginning of the unusual things about the Clan. We’re also really into board games.

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