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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 11:48 AM
For my birthday, one of my younger brothers made me a pillowcase. And he made it all by himself: measuring, cutting, sewing, the whole nine yards.
  • Legion parade draws 30,000 to Spring Valley in ‘41
    Recently we were checking the 1941 issues of the Tribune for more stories on the beginning of iron ore mining south of town.  However, we soon ran into the BIG American Legion parade, which drew over 30,000 folks into Spring Valley.  As you can see in the accompanying photo, the streets were full! 
  • Clan boys know their way around a sewing machine
    For my birthday, one of my younger brothers made me a pillowcase. And he made it all by himself: measuring, cutting, sewing, the whole nine yards.
  • Calm down: Whatever happens in the election won’t be catastrophic
    “Basically, Trump is everything wrong with America’s culture, and Hillary is everything wrong with our government,” Janae Petitjean, 19, a North Carolina community college student who will be voting for the first time this year, told the Boston Globe recently. 
  • First teachers in district paid $16 per month
    In checking a volume of the “Tribune” from the ‘40s we discovered this story.  Teachers and administrators may wish to peruse this with wide eyes -- the salaries are “something else,” but we remember the town was a tiny berg just coming into its own. However, our town has always been strong on education for our youth just as it is today. 
  • The Clan uses garlic to cure all ills
    We’re coming up on that time of year when people get sick. I keep hearing flu season is just around the corner, and certainly the Clan has already seen a first round of colds and general illness come through the house. What’s particularly annoying about this fall/winter cold season is that if just one of the Clan gets it, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll all get it. But not all at once, of course, so the coughing, stuffy noses, fevers, and general misery will stretch out over the next couple weeks.
  • Firefighters are more than just ordinary volunteers in community
    During a presentation on fire safety to elementary school students who were bused to the local fire hall this week during National Fire Prevention Week, a volunteer firefighter had to remind them that the firefighters don’t live on the premises. That fire halls always house firefighters may be the perception of kids, and many adults, too, due to television, but it’s not the norm. The National Fire Protection Association reports that 69 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers.
  • Softball Hall of Fame inductees have ties to Chatfield
    Hope everybody is enjoying this beautiful weather. A few drying days and then the farmers will be out in full force getting the beans and corn out of the fields. Before long, all of those fields will be covered with snow. I can’t imagine what my heating bill is going to be this winter trying to simulate the nice Texas temperatures we’ve enjoyed the past three years.
  • Dysfunction of national politics creeping up in local campaigns
    The dysfunction of national politics is creeping into all corners of Minnesota as big spending and negative campaigning are making an impact on the race for House District 28B, which includes all of Fillmore and Houston counties. It’s a trend that has been building over the last few elections, but seems to have taken a significant step forward this year.
  • Spring Valley was the place to shop in 1890s  
    From a recent estate sale came a neat account book that remains a mystery to me; it is dated November 1891 to May 1894. 
  • Apple season a busy time for the Clan
    The other day I came home and found a half dozen bins of apples in the garage and big bowls of sliced apples on the counter. Looks like apple season slipped up on me this year.
  • The Clan needs three toasters to make breakfast
    Let me tell you a little story about toasters.
  • Phone directory from 1949 shows booming town
    The front cover of the telephone directory for Spring Valley, dated June 1949, carries a photograph of Distel Funeral Directors and Ambulance Service: “A friendly service within the reach of all. Funeral chapel at your disposal. See our complete line of furniture.”
  • Don’t worry, be happy: You’re living in Minnesota
    Minnesota is the second happiest state in America, behind top state Utah and ahead of third place North Dakota, according to an analysis by WalletHub, a personal finance site. Although there are all sorts of rankings out there, this one has a lot of data and scientific analysis to support its findings, making it more than just a novelty to share on social media.
  • ‘Reliable remedies’ recipes have ties to Spring Valley
    Who do you suppose was Dr. Ward who printed a cookbook that began in 1916?
  • First month of college more challenging than expected
    Sitting down today to write this week’s column, the only thing I can think of is homework. This isn’t surprising because homework has been very much on my mind for a month now. That’s how long I’ve been going to college, and as you might imagine, it’s been a big change for me.

Are politics today still able to meet the challenges our country is facing?


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