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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 9:32 AM

Ebola is a scary virus disease that prompts fear in people across the globe.

  • Ebola is a scary virus disease that prompts fear in people across the globe.

  • For most Minnesotans, Tuesday, Aug. 12, was just an ordinary day. Only about one out of every 10 state residents was expected to take time to vote in the state’s primary election.

  • A local couple “eloped” last month. One was 83 and the other 89 years old. They didn’t submit a wedding announcement to our newspaper, so all the details aren’t available, but the event is of quite a bit of interest in the community. 
  • A friend of mine from Rochester questioned me the other day about the Fillmore County Relay for Life after reading about the event, asking how it was possible that this worthy cause raised more than $136,000. After all, Fillmore County doesn’t have a lot of population — there are just over 8,000 households — and it doesn’t have a lot of wealth — the median household income is well below the average in Minnesota. 
  • As my wife and I were taking shelter in the concourse at Target Field Monday, July 14, a man with damp clothes said, “The Metrodome wasn’t so bad now was it?” His comment made me pause, but didn’t change my mind that Target Field is far superior to the indoor multi-use stadium that has now been torn down. 
  • Spending time with my grandchildren also means spending some time with the Disney Channel, which is one of their favorite channels on television. If they are going to watch television, we figure it is a better option than most channels in the lineup.

  • A couple months ago, Merwood Storhoff of Lanesboro submitted a letter to the editor in response to a previous letter about frac sand mining in the Bluff Country Reader. He expressed his frustrations in the letter regarding the lack of enforcement of mining ordinances by county officials. 
  • When it comes time to celebrate Independence Day on Friday, July 4, many of us will, or at least should, take time to show appreciation for our freedoms that make the United States of America such a unique country. 
  • A steady stream of people filed into the Tri-County Record office in Rushford Friday to say farewell to Ron Witt, who was retiring after being a reporter for the community newspaper since 1990. He meant a lot to the community, knowing it better than most local residents even though he lived outside Rushford. 
  • Since it was the anniversary of D-Day, our newspaper was given the opportunity last week to reprint a column written by Ernie Pyle, a war correspondent who covered the momentous event for hundreds of newspapers in the United States in the 1940s. I didn't know what to expect, as I wasn't familiar with Pyle, but was surprised at the content in the column choices given to us. 
  • It wasn't until December 2008 that the National Bureau of Economic Research declared the United States had been in a recession since December 2007. The delay isn't unusual. Throughout recent history, economists usually don't realize we are in a recession until long after the fact. 
  • When I opened my camera bag at Kingsland's commencement, which I was attending to cover for the Spring Valley Tribune, I discovered that the lens I had intended to predominantly use was still sitting on a shelf back at home. 
  • Saturday, May 17, wasn't the first day of summer or even a real holiday, but it seemed like everyone was out enjoying one of the first nice days this year. 
  • Former Minnesota Rep. Jim Oberstar probably wasn't intimately familiar to most residents in this part of the state. 
  • As Jerry Williams, former Rochester schools superintendent and Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce interim president, goes to smaller communities surrounding Rochester to talk about the impact of Destination Medical Center, he talks about the opportunity available for communities that want to attract new residents. 

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