The Spring Valley Kiwanis Club has chosen Haley Colton, daughter of Dennis and Kelly Colton of Spring Valley, as its February Kiwanis Student of the Month.

The Kingsland senior participates in volleyball, basketball, softball and National Honor Society. Her past extracurricular activities have been the same year after year, and she most likes basketball and softball. Math is her favorite subject, but she doesn't like English.

Outside of school, she's busy with homework, going to practices and spending time with her friends and family. She's willing to watch "any Disney movie, because I'm a kid at heart," and listens to "mostly country music, but any other kind, too." She's peeved "when people are disrespectful," and can't stomach the idea of eating pineapple, though she admits she could live on Chinese food or Chipotle Mexican Grill's chow for the rest of her life. If she could travel to any country in the world for free, she'd choose Greece. "It is always warm and extremely beautiful," Haley stated, adding that New York is her ideal domestic vacation destination "because it's so big and there's so much to see and do."

If she could do one thing to make a difference, the 17-year-old would "make sure every child receives food, because there's too much poverty in the world."

She most admires her parents and her coaches, John Fenske and the late Del Bicknese, "because they all helped to influence who I am today and helped me be a better person...I wouldn't be anywhere I am today without the influence of my parents, coaches and teachers."

Haley's interest in sports when she was little led her to want to "play sports, like all the older kids did at that time," but now, she's got other plans after graduation - majoring in biology at St. Mary's in Winona and going into the medical field "so I can help others."

The Spring Valley Kiwanis honored Haley and her parents at the club's Feb. 12 meeting.