Morgan Rohr
Morgan Rohr
Morgan Rohr's on to the next stage.

"I was a teller with Wells Fargo. I started at KHS two weeks ago," said Rohr, Kingsland High School's new secretary, who replaced Jill Ramaker, who now serves as the elementary school secretary.

"I had heard some great things about the community and school district from previous coworkers and had been waiting for a possible position to open," she noted.

Rohr looks forward to "staying busy, interacting with different kids all the time, and the chance to learn something new every day."

She likes working with students because she gets to experience "their different personalities" and hopes to be a good influence on them.

"I'd like to be a positive person in their lives, I am almost always in a good mood, and try to have a smile on my face. I might be one of the only people the students see throughout the day who might smile at them. I hope to be someone the students can easily approach when they need something, and to be someone that the staff can turn to if they need help with something," Rohr added.

Rohr says she's ready to take on anything, because she feels she will be rewarded by "getting to see the students succeed and feeling like I accomplished a lot by the end of the day."

She lives in Stewartville. "My parents and sister live in Austin, and my brother is in the Army and is currently stationed in Texas. I like to dance, read, cook, take part in a few nonprofits in the area.

She is also the Just for Kix director in Stewartville, and concluded, "I love it!"