Morgan Zimmer
Morgan Zimmer
Morgan Zimmer got out of the SACC and into the Corps.

"I am the Minnesota Reading Corps Literacy tutor," she stated, adding that she chose to pursue the position because "it is in my hometown, and I have worked at SACC (Kingsland School Age Child Care) and just enjoyed the staff and the environment of Kingsland."

The 2007 Kingsland High School graduate is still attending college, but she's ready to take on the task of teaching students how to read as part of the Minnesota Reading Corps, anticipating "the fun work environment that it provides and the great staff that I get the pleasure of working with.

"I chose to become a literacy tutor for the advantage of the one on one time with the kids, and several people suggested the position to me thinking that I would be good at it, which was a nice thing to hear. I get the chance to work one on one with students to help them achieve reading at their grade level. I work with kindergarten through third grade students, and I look forward to meeting each student and sharing that time with them, helping them to reach new goals this year."

She said she feels children should learn the basics, but most of all to have fun and enjoy the learning process. While the students are learning to read, Zimmer is also learning how to teach.

"I see this - being my first year - as a challenge, but with a great internal coach and supporting staff, that challenge will soon no longer exist. I'm excited about the great relationships that I will make with everyone that I get the chance of working with, and I hope to help out a lot this school year and try to implement some new ideas for the kids. I hope that I can make a difference in every student that I work with by making them know that whatever goal they set is reachable."

Zimmer lives in Spring Valley with her family. She has been with her boyfriend, Anthony, for four years now and he has a 6-year-old daughter, Alexis, that she has been helping raise, and together they have a 14-month-old son, Mason, who is "my little man! I love spending quality time with the three of them! I like to spend time with my family, play with the kids outside and go swimming."