Cheyenne Losey
Cheyenne Losey
Cheyenne Losey has been chosen as one of the Spring Valley Kiwanis Club's May Academic Students of the Month. She is the daughter of Vance and Char Losey of Spring Valley.

The Kingsland senior is active in National Honor Society, volleyball and basketball."I like basketball because it is a challenge and allows me to be a leader," she said. In school, she most enjoys her animal science class "because I love learning about animals and am going to school to be a vet," but doesn't like math "because some things just should not be taught."

Outside of school, she works at the Dairy Queen. "All of the employees are very nice and know how to make the time fly by," she stated. Cheyenne has barrel raced her horse and likes to spend her spare time riding horse, training her new horse, bow hunting, working out, playing basketball and hanging out with friends and family.

Her favorite movie is Disney's "Fox and the Hound." "I love Disney movies, and I will never get sick of it, no matter how many times I watch it. I also like the 'Heartland' book series because it talks about troubled horses, and that is what I am interested in, and also because I am going to specialize in horses in college." She listens to country music, could live for the rest of her life on fruit, and thinks "fish is very gross."

If she could travel to any country in the world for free, she'd choose Brazil "to see the rainforest and all of the exotic animals," and if she could go to any state, she'd go to Tennessee to see one of her best friends, Kayla Stier.

The 18-year-old most admires her brother, Tanner, the late Kingsland basketball coach Del Bicknese and her cousin Jade. "My brother Tanner serves in the Marine Corps, and he is my best friend. He always knows how to put a smile on my face. He has also taught me a lot of valuable advice that I will never forget. Del Bicknese taught me so much stuff in basketball. He always pushed me so I got better, and he is the reason why I can chase my dream of playing basketball in college. My cousin, Jade is 15 years old and has almost lost her life multiple times. She was never supposed to live, but she is my hero because even after being bullied about her disabilities, she can still walk around with a smile on her face. She has always been there for me, and I will always be there for her." If Cheyenne could do one thing to change the world, she'd teach people how to respect one another.

Her plans after high school will take her to veterinary school. "I like to save animals. Most of my animals are rescued. You can't always choose what happens in life, but you can determine the outcome. I want to be a vet and specialize in horses because I have grown up with horses, and they are great animals. They are very good therapy. I have struggled with a lot of things throughout my life, but I always keep pushing forward. No matter how bad the situation, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start."

The Kiwanis honored Cheyenne and her parents at the April 24 meeting.