It's a Cracker Jack time machine, with people who will be a Pepper or an Oscar Mayer wiener, give or take a meow.

"Each student is in charge of a jingle, like for Cracker Jack, Dr. Pepper, Oscar Mayer or Meow Mix," said Kingsland history teacher Scott Mulholland, speaking of his sophomore students' upcoming Decades Project, set for this Thursday, May 23, at the Spring Valley Community Center. Students will highlight the current events of the decades of the 20th century, from 1900 to the 1990s, through exhibits and also produce commercials and advertising jingles for products from each decade.

"We'll have our traditional decade booths that transport visitors to the past through the current events and memorabilia of the decades from 1900 to 1990, and some of the students will be wearing costumes from their assigned decades and have hairstyles, too," he explained. "We'll have a Vaudeville act and singers who sing one to two songs, and also a silent movie."

The students have been working on their projects since the end of September. The projects are in conjunction with the English department as the students did a research paper on a topic within their decades.

Mulholland has introduced his students to the tunes of the past century throughout the school year by playing records in his classroom. "They get a kick out of clothing styles, the music of the days. I play Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, Dinah Shore, Doris Day...sometimes the kids ask me if that's Doris Day. Some of the kids didn't even know what a record player is. The Decades Project is a look at the culture of a nation and the differences between decades...the fashions, the fads. It helps them identify with the mood of a country."

The history instructor hopes that by conveying the information about each decade's people and events to the public, his students become engaged in what history has to teach.

"I invite people to come down and see the different acts, and I hope they enjoy the music, learn a little about each decade and the events, what went on," said Mulholland.

The Kingsland Decades Project is slated for this Thursday, May 23, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Spring Valley Community Center. Kingsland students in other grades will tour the exhibit as well, enjoying the Meow Mix, Cracker Jack and Oscar Mayer jingles as they stroll by the years.