Tabitha House
Tabitha House
The Spring Valley Kiwanis Club has chosen Tabitha House as its March Academic Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Frank and Theresa House.

The Kingsland senior is a member of National Honor Society (NHS). Her past extracurricular activities include basketball, track, Key Club and NHS "throughout high school." "I would consider history or art my favorite subjects. My least favorite subject is science," she said.

Outside of school, Tabitha keeps busy working. "In my spare time, I work and spend time with family and friends. I am currently working at H&R Block and during the summer, I work at Elaine's Café. I like how at both of my places of employment I am able to work with family."

She also enjoys watching movies. "My favorite movie is 'The Lion King,' because no matter how old I get, I still love it. And I read way too many books to have a favorite book - I like to read, and I love to spend time with my nephews."

Tabitha's "biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouths open and make that smacking sound, or when I'm rudely interrupted."

She listens to "all kinds of music, but mostly country," could "easily live on different pastas, but I absolutely hate peas," and has international travel aspirations that would take her to Germany. "I would love to go to Germany because I took German in ninth grade and Mrs. (Karen) Cleveland made it sound and seem amazing."

And true to her Disney movie affection, she would like to visit Florida if she were given free airfare to any state in the country. "I would like to go to Florida to visit the giant Disney resort there," she commented.

She most admires her parents and older sister. "My parents are both hard-working and always helping others. My sister has always been like a second mom to me and a best friend."

If the 18-year-old could do one thing to change the world, she'd rescue children. "If I could change one thing in the world, it would be for no child to ever suffer," noted Tabitha.

Her post-secondary aspirations are different than her childhood career aspirations. "When I was younger, I always wanted to be a waitress. After graduation, I would eventually like to become a criminal psychologist because psychology is interesting to me and I think dealing with criminal psychology could be interesting," said Tabitha.

The Kiwanis honored Tabitha and her parents during a recent meeting.