Devin Pokorney
Devin Pokorney
The Spring Valley Kiwanis Club has named Devin Pokorney, son of Patrick and Nicole Pokorney of Spring Valley, as its April Kiwanis Academic Student of the Month.

The Kingsland senior is active in football and basketball, and he likes basketball the most. His past extracurricular activities include track and he's particularly interested in history and social studies, but not math.

Outside of school, Devin is active in his church and enjoys spending his spare time playing basketball. "I play guitar, work out, play xBox, and play basketball with anyone who will play. My favorite movie is 'Coach Carter' because it has basketball in it and has a great story. My favorite book is 'The Lord of the Rings,' and I listen to a little bit of every kind of music, but especially music with cool guitar parts that I can learn."

He has a general disgust for vegetables, but loves pasta and pickles. "It's chicken Alfredo, mac and cheese or Alfredo noodles and sauce, all delicious, all the time ... but any veggie is disgusting. And donations of pickles are accepted."

Given his preference for noodles, he would like to tour Italy if he were granted free airfare to any country in the world.

"There is so much history there that would be very interesting to see," he related.

"If I could travel to any state, I'd go to Oregon because I have been to most extremes of the country direction-wise, but not to the Northwest."

If the 18 year old could do one thing to change the world, he'd start with the person next to him. "I wouldn't do anything drastic. Changing the world is almost impossible, but it is possible to change someone's day. Do something randomly nice for a stranger and I guarantee you will see a difference in one person's world, if only for a few hours. I can't change the world, but I can change someone's life."

He most admires his parents, grandparents and uncle. "My mom always puts up with me and is always there for me. My dad works so hard for his family, and even though we have our moments, I know he would do anything for me.

"And lastly, my grandparents and uncle - they came to almost all of my basketball games, from five hours away, and would sometimes leave my game at 9:30 p.m. to drive five hours home to get to work the next day. They all have tried very hard to be a part of my life, and that is a lesson I will take when I am in their position."

After he graduates from school, Devin aspires to work in sports. "I would like to become a pro sports agent. I love working with people, with money, being around businesses and negotiating. A sports agent would be a perfect fit for me."

The Kiwanis will honor Devin and his parents during a regular noon meeting.