How much do you know about Kingsland Community Education? People ask me often what community education is and what I do.

Well, in response to that, community education is a lot of things. I am a coordinator first and foremost. It is my job to create opportunities for people of all ages to continue learning. I plan adult education classes consisting of a wide variety of activities, from wool hooking to exercise to computer classes. I also plan youth activities to enhance what a child is learning at school and to open doors to learning things that are not offered during school.

Activities like driver's training that were once part of school now have shifted to outside and must be contracted so teens can learn the vital skill of driving. Because government funding has been drastically reduced, school districts must become more creative to find ways to still provide children with the education they need for basic survival in the world.

Community education also encompasses early childhood learning. We provide preschool, early childhood and family education, as well as the childcare before and after the school day.

Community education is an important part of our communities and your support of community education is what makes it successful. We are one of the few segments of public school that receives little funding so we must be self-sufficient. All of the community ed programs must at least break even in order to keep running, this includes preschool and SACC. Our staff salaries come directly from the fees that are paid by participants.

My hope for our communities is that together we can continue to offer this vital service. I ask that you consider participating in some part of community education by attending some classes, using SACC or providing an early start to your child's educational career by placing them in our preschool program.

Community education is like all of life, you get out of it what you put into it! Help me make it better.

I hope to see you soon in class!