Winter is leaving; spring is on the way. The school year is quickly going by and there are only a few months of school left before summer break begins. While many students are focused on finishing out the school year and moving into spring and summer activities, they will soon begin planning for next year's courses through the process known as registration.

This process involves more than a few meetings to help students select next year's classes. It is a coordinated effort of planning, advising and involving the entire staff. Well before winter break, staff are planning, researching, and developing curriculum to meet the needs of our students. This is an essential part of our planning as a district to determine curriculum additions or changes to ensure the best learning opportunities for students.

Staff will explain and hand out registration forms to students during the school day. Students are to take the forms home and collaboratively fill them out with their parents. Kingsland High School is going to utilize online registration through the TIES system this year. Students will bring their signed and completed registration forms to school and will register online in a group setting. Students going into grades seven, eight and nine will be given their schedule after registration forms are handed in. We will go to the middle school and hand out registration forms to this year's sixth graders. Choices are more limited in the earlier grades and a group format for registration works well. Before a student can finalize their class schedule, parent signatures are required. We are hoping to begin the process with next year's seniors near the end of February.

Sophomore students and parents will also receive an individual planning session. We are hoping to make this meeting more involved. A three-year plan, career interests and a schedule for the next school year will be covered. These meetings will take place once senior and junior registrations are complete.

New programs and curriculum are also shared with students during the registration process. For the 2013/2014 school year, students will select classes for a seven-period day where instruction is scheduled year long in the core subjects and elective courses by semester. Advanced level college courses offered through concurrent classes will be available to students in grades 11 and 12. We will also be continuing and expanding our Project Lead The Way Curriculum. Project Lead The Way or PLTW is now two tracts. One is a math, science, and technology based pre-engineering program in both the middle and high school. The other tract is biomedical curriculum. We will be implementing our second course in biomed next year for senior high students.

From January through May, planning, preparation and communication are the key ingredients for a successful registration process. Our goal is to give guidance to students helping them make the best educational choices for life beyond high school.

Bruce Rohne is the high school guidance counselor at Kingsland High School and can be reached at (507) 346-7276