Kingsland School Age Child Care (SACC) is the childcare program located on site in the elementary school in Spring Valley. This program serves students preschool through middle school 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of the program is $2.75 an hour and families are only charged for the hours they attend SACC.

SACC is a great choice for many families because of its affordability and the services it provides and is a great option for those who have work schedules that do not allow them to transport their children to programs they want to participate in. During the school year, this includes childcare during the day for children enrolled in preschool and after school care for students in math wizards.

Children using the preschool program are escorted to and from preschool and families are not charged while their children are in preschool. During the summer months, we provide transportation to Spring Valley summer recreation - swimming lessons, tennis, baseball, golf, and softball. Summer rec is more fun with more kids, so having this option is nice because families that work out of town can still participate!

This summer, SACC will once again go to the Spring Valley swimming pool Tuesdays and Thursdays. Field trips will be on Wednesdays and we replaced many of last year's field trips with new ones. We try to keep the cost at a minimum for most of the field trips and have found quite a few in the area we can do for free. Parents have been amazed at how many attractions we take advantage of close to home. Field trips this year will include Whitewater, Eagle Bluff, Playworks and The National Eagle Center.

Families also utilize SACC as a transition for their children to prepare for kindergarten. In SACC, children learn how to walk in the halls, go through the lunch line, and use the elementary bathrooms.

During the school year, the SACC program uses a formal curriculum to encourage discovery and a love of learning. Our current unit for this month is "Growing Gardens." The students learn about helpers such as bees, worms, toads and snakes. They also learn their colors, shapes, letters, and numbers by identifying items in a garden. The students enjoy all of the projects we do and look forward to circle time every day to discover what we will pull out of the box next! Next month is "Blast off to Space," which is sure to be another great hit.

After school, students in grades kindergarten through middle school can take advantage of homework time in a separate room with a staff member or take a break with a snack and relax in the classroom. In the event of an early out, late start, or no school day, SACC is open during their regular hours. One of the biggest benefits of this is parents do not have to worry about their children taking the bus home on bad roads to an empty house if parents can't get home in time. We offer to all families the option of care after school in the event they are not able to get to school by dismissal time. Simply notify your child's teacher that you would like your child to attend SACC until you are able to come and pick the child up.

We have worked hard to make the SACC program an asset to our school with families in mind. I feel many of the resources we have in our area are made accessible to families that otherwise might not be able to participate in due to time constraints and transportation. Not only that, but we stress discovery, creativity, and independence by providing children with the tools necessary to use their imaginations to learn and explore.

Contact me for more information about signing your child up for SACC or if you know of local area resources we might be interested in. Call 507-346-7276 ext. 4101 or email