Kingsland's Adam Buchholtz turns a corner.  CHRISTINE VREEMAN/BLUFF COUNTRY NEWSPAPER GROUP
Kingsland's Adam Buchholtz turns a corner. CHRISTINE VREEMAN/BLUFF COUNTRY NEWSPAPER GROUP
Freshman Erica Earley and sophomore Hunter Meisner continue to be the top runners for the Kingsland cross country team. This past week the Knights competed at Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson Thursday and Crestwood in Cresco on Saturday.

Earley had a ninth place finish at the Ole Olmstead (L-A) Invitational and was fourth at Crestwood. Meisner finished 40th at L-A and 24th in Iowa. Coach Amber Uhlenhake had some encouraging words about the team's success and provided some incentives for the remainder of the schedule, following the completion of the Crestwood meet.

"Despite the storms, and a slight last-minute rerouting of the course (which ultimately lengthened it) Saturday's meet went on, and the conditions ended up about perfect. We had a very solid race from the girls' team, which tied for third but ended up fourth due to the sixth place runner criteria. Regardless, the girls ran tough and we hope to continue with that momentum. Erica ran up front, and we hope to continue to see her there. On the boys' side, they ran strong, but we still have some work to do. If everyone can show up prepared and ready to race the remaining few meets of the season, they could end on a strong note, which would be great to carry on to next season.

"We round out the regular meet schedule at PEM, and then transition to conference and sections, and we'll definitely have our work cut out for us at all those meets. We need everyone to show up mentally and physically prepared at their peak and really get competitive at those races."

Girls results

Runner Lewiston-Altura(8/8) Crestwood(4/6)

Erica Earley 16:55.7, 9th 17:29, 4th

Melinda Wood 19:06.4, 40th 19:18, 20th

Andrea Mettler 19:21.3, 42nd 19:25, 23rd

Jocelyn Voeltz 19:29.7, 44th 19:33, 24th

Marina Schwanke 20:10.7, 51st 20:35, 30th

Gretchen Corson 21:20.1, 58th 21:30, 35th

Jamie Thompson 21:45.1, 62nd 22:07, 39th

Boys results

Runner L-A (7/8) Crestwood (7/9)

Hunter Meisner 20:24.9, 40th 20:57, 24th

Zachary Buchholtz 20:29.6, 41st 21:44, 36th

Dane Gillespie 20:55.5, 42nd 22:08, 39th

Adam Buchholtz 21:44.3, 57th 22:58, 45th

Michael Willford 22:13.9, 61st 22:59, 46th

Thomas Mettler 23:38.4, 69th 24:37, 57th

Scott Lechner 23:49.6, 70th 24:42, 58th

Others running in the two meets were Alex Campbell (26:14, Crestwood; 25:22.2, L-A), James Hayes-Hall (28:36, Crestwood), Logan O'Connell (JH Crestwood, 16:30; 15:39.7 at L-A), Renee Lechner (JH Crestwood, 17:42; 16:19.8 at L-A), Audrey Farlinger (JH Crestwood, 18:18; 17:19.5 at L-A) and Kendall Drury-DeBoer (JH Crestwood, 19:33).

Tuesday night the team is in Plainview for a meet and next week the Knights travel to Chatfield, Tuesday, for the Three Rivers Conference meet. The TRC meet looks to be most competitive. The PEM and Cotter boys are both ranked in the state, and the Dover-Eyota girls are also ranked.