Kingsland’s Marissa Bornholdt drives through a tight Stewartville press.
Kingsland’s Marissa Bornholdt drives through a tight Stewartville press.
This past week the Kingsland Lady Knights won two games and lost one, moving them to 11-10 on the season, 9-8 in the Three Rivers Conference. The wins came over Stewartville (44-31) and Lewiston-Altura (64-46), while the loss was to Chatfield (52-34).

Cheyenne Losey (15) and Marissa Bornholdt (11) led the team in scoring. Losey and Lizzie Tart each had seven rebounds and Tart led the team with seven steals. Losey was the assist leader with four.

Kingsland had a 20-12 lead at halftime. "It was another great win for the Lady Knights," said coach Jill Thalmann. "They played great together as a team and it was fun to watch. We have won five out of our last seven games and are playing very good ball right now. Everything seems to be coming together, which is just what you want with the playoffs soon approaching."

Individual scoring vs Stewartville...Haley Colton 9, Cheyenne Losey 15, Jessi Kaster 5, Marissa Bornholdt 11, Lizzie Tart 4. Three's, 4: Colton (2), Losey (2).

Twelve different players scored in the win over Lewiston-Altura, led by Brittany Erding and Lizzie Tart, each with 10. Tart had a team high nine rebounds, while Haley Colton, Cheyenne Losey and Martina Hadland leading the team with four assists each. Four players (Colton, Losey, Sarah O'Connell and Tart) led the team with three steals each.

The team hit six of 12 three-pointers in the TRC win.

Individual scoring vs L-A...Colton 5, Melinda Woods 5, Losey 8, Kaster 2, Joclyn Pierce 2, Sarah O'Connell 7, Brittany Erding 10, Bornholdt 8, Kailynn Hamersma 4, Martina Hadland 2, Tart 10, Lacey Schwartz 1. Three's, 6; Colton, Woods, Losey(2), Erding(2).

Marissa Bornholdt was the only Knight in double-figures against the Gophers. She scored 10 on three for six shooting from the field and 4/7 at the line. Cheyenne Losey had 10 rebounds.

The gals trailed 24-13 at halftime.

Individual scoring vs Chatfield...Colton 2, Woods 8, Losey 7, Bornholdt 10, Hamersma 2, Tart 5. Three's, 3; Woods (2), Losey.

Here's the scoring for a couple games that we didn't report earlier.

Individual scoring vs. St. Charles...Colton 4, Woods 8, Losey 10, Pierce 1, O'Connell 2, Bornholdt 10, Hamersma 1, Tart 8. Three's, 3; Colton, Woods (2). Losey also had 13 rebounds for a double-double. Colton had seven assists.

Individual scoring vs Cotter...Losey 12, Kaster 7, Pierce 1, Bornholdt 8, Hamersma 2, Tart 15. Three's, 2: Losey (2). Cheyenne Losey had 11 rebounds for another d-d.

This past Monday the gals traveled to Wabasha-Kellogg on Monday. Friday night they will host Dover-Eyota and then finish the regular season at Plainview-Elgin-Millville on Tuesday, Feb. 19.