They're getting their kicks and precision moves for a jazzy future.

"We have been practicing a high kick and precision dance, but in the future, we will add jazz," said Kingsland High School dance team coach Meagan Newbold, referring to the moves the team is working on for its first season, as it formed and began practicing on Oct. 22, meeting each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The team includes 10 girls - Callie Lee, Samantha Caffrey, Hannah Pruter, Hannah Frank, Kylie Blattner, Stephanie Hershberger, Alex Gleason, Chelsey Schwab, Audrey Farlinger and Grace Himle - as dance team in the state of Minnesota is a girls-only sport.

Newbold grew up dancing, and she loves "sharing my passion with the girls" as their coach. "They work tremendously hard, also. We have been working on moves that some girls have not done before, so teaching those, while also getting us ready for competition against teams who have been around for ten-plus years is a challenge. They like learning the dance, and I love seeing the joy on the girls' faces when they are dancing or complete a move. They are great at helping each other, and are sharp with their movements."

Dance team is a competitive sport, and the girls already competed this past Saturday, Dec. 7, in Hayfield. On Dec. 21 is a varsity competition at Lake City High School, then on Jan. 4 is an invitational with six other teams at Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School, starting at 8 a.m. The team competes Jan. 11 at Rochester Century High School, Jan. 25 at noon at Dover-Eyota High School, and again at Dover-Eyota on Feb. 8.

The team won't have its own performances for the public, instead performing during halftime at several basketball games throughout the season, the first being Thursday, Dec. 19, at the girls' home game against Winona Cotter.

"I hope audiences will see the joy the girls have when they are dancing, and understand that as a first year team, they have come incredibly far," said Newbold. "I see bright things in our future as a team."