Team awards presented at the recent Kingsland banquet...voted on by the players: MVP Offense, Cheyenne Losey; MVP Defense, Jessi Kaster; Miss Hustle, Lizzie Tart; Best passer, Gabriel Drees; Team spirit, Rialie Fenske and Megan Back; Most improved, Taylor Link; 2013 captains, Brianna Musel, Rialie Fenske, Megan Back and Taylor Link; All-Conference, Cheyenne Losey; Conference Honorable Mention, Jessi Kaster and Lizzie Tart.

Academic All-State honors went to Jessi Kaster, Sarah O'Connell and Lizzie Tart. The Kingsland team received a "Gold" medal for All-state Academics.

In the stats department, blocks and digs were the best categories for the Lady Knights. As a team they were third in blocks with 165 total, 1.854/set, and fourth in digs, 17.045/set. Chatfield was tops in blocks (201, 2.094/set) and St. Charles led in digs (19.602/set). I give the leaders so readers and Kingsland volleyball fans can see where the gals compare to the TRC "best."

Other team stats

Serving: sixth, 90.60%(Chatfield, 94.88%).....Ace serves: 10th, 128 (Chatfield, 250).....Serve receive: 10th, 67.70% (Chatfield, 91.85%).....Kills: 8th, 8.236/set (W-K, 12.729).....Hitting efficiency: sixth, .1585 (Caledonia, .2907).....Set assists: seventh, 6.899/set (W-K, 11.459/set).

Individual stat leaders

Serving: Brianna Musel (11th, 95.16%, just missed the top 10); Lizzie Tart (15th, 93.82%); Kileigh Dudek, Chatfield, 98.01%. Ace serves: Cheyenne Losey (34, 25th); Amy Todd, RP, 81. Serve receive: Jessi Kaster (79.41%, 19th); Cheyenne Losey (73.33%); Taylor Case, FC, 97.18%. Kills: Cheyenne Losey (220 total, 8th; 2.588/set, also 8th); Jessi Kaster (177, 13th); Brianna Musel (101); Amy Todd, R-P, 501, 5.505/set. Total attacks: Cheyenne Losey, 570; Jessi Kaster, 546; Amy Todd, RP, 1145. Hitting efficiency; Cheyenne Losey, 12th, .2351; Jessi Kaster, 17th, .203; Brianna Musel, 22nd, .1823; Emma Lange, Caledonia, .3663 and Maria Fruechte, Caledonia, .3652. Set assists: Lizzie Tart, 6.138/set, fifth. Ace blocks: Cheyenne Losey, 58 total, fourth; .682/set, also fourth; Jessi Kaster, 50-1/2 total, sixth; .567/set, ninth. Digs: Jessi Kaster, 336, 7th; LizzieTart, 204.