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Downtown building creates stir
Residents of the Commercial House had a rude awakening on Thursday morning as a portion of the neighboring building, formerly the Tamarack Café, collapsed in the early morning hours. According to city administrator Deb Zimmer, the city is working to locate the owner of the downtown building whose last known address was in St. Paul. She encourages people not to get near the building at this time. Fortunately, the gas line along the building was not damaged in the collapse and Minnesota Energy was able to turn off the gas with no incident. PAULA VAGTS/SPRING VALLEY TRIBUNE
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 8:26 AM

“My recommendation is premised basically on vacating Wykoff.  I cannot stand here and recommend that you put a substantial amount of money into the building in Wykoff.  I can’t, in good faith, as an engineer, recommend that you do that.  My term for the Wykoff building — and I know this will make me unpopular with people in Wykoff — is ‘brooding,’” said structural engineer Randy Lutz, of CCP, the firm that the Kingsland School Board chose to handle the assessment of the district’s two school buildings. 

Fair Season

It is officially fair season! Have you been to a county fair yet this year?


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