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Wednesday, December 07, 2016 11:50 AM
At our house, kids have chores.
  • Spring Valley busy place for centennial  
    The first issue of the centennial edition, dated June 1955, was headlined with a panoramic photo entitled “Spring Valley, on Sunday, August 20, 1916.” Copies were available at 50 cents plus 10 cents postage.  The centennial books sold for $1.50 plus 25 cents when mailed.  Mrs. J.M. Sample and her committee were in charge and the centennial events began Saturday at 2 p.m. with registration.
  • Boy, do we hate folding laundry
    At our house, kids have chores.
  • Detailed dress code now antiquated
    The visible piercings, including a nose ring, didn’t necessarily disqualify a woman who came in for a job interview a couple years ago. However, the flip-flops on her feet moved her application to the bottom of the pile. 
  • More people contributed to betterment of Spring Valley
    This column continues Section 4 of the 1955 Centennial edition of the Tribune, which contained brief bios, stories, and advertisements of supporters of the event.
  • The Clan processes venison over the kitchen counter
    Two weeks back I wrote about deer season and talked about how we prepare our youth hunters for a couple weeks of sitting in the cold waiting for something to come along — and what they do if and when they do shoot something. Turns out the actual hunting and field dressing is only one part of a Clan deer season because, unlike many hunters, we don’t send our venison to a butcher shop to be processed for us. We do all that ourselves, right across the kitchen counter.
  • Special days provide plenty of choices  for holiday shopping, giving, even hiking
    I’ve never been shopping on Black Friday. It’s not that I’m philosophically opposed to the frenzied day. It’s more a practical matter. Our small business can’t afford to take two holidays in a row for all our employees since we still have deadlines to meet and publications to print.
  • Many people who helped Spring Valley prosper
    This column continues a series on the 1955 centennial edition of the Spring Valley Tribune, Section 4.  There were countless brief bios and of course large ads by local and nearby towns with congratulations on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the town.
  • Road trips with 15 are always an adventure
    One of the most complicated parts of having as many siblings as I do is that going on family road trips tends to be a bit of a challenge—and always an adventure.
  • Building dedicated to free expression, role of journalists creates lasting impression
    During a long weekend in Washington, D.C., one of the sights I made sure to see was the Newseum on historic Pennsylvania Avenue just off the National Mall near the White House. My interest was in the news focus, but the museum has a broader role — to promote, explain and defend free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition.
  • School days quite different in 1858 and 1940s
    We have no idea when the pictured country school was built, but it surely was much older than me!  This is Center School, located a few miles north of Spring Valley on County 1 at the intersection where one turns to the right to go to Masonic Park or left on the gravel road “through the woods.”  My sister, Cynth, and I attended school here — me for four years, grades three through six.  We actually walked through the fields (a square mile is a section) from southwest to northeast, or took the road, County 8, to the path through the woods. Believe me, in those years, Lovers Lane was lined with sink holes, woods and brush, often impassable when spring’s accumulation of water filled the sink hole at the east end.
  • Regardless of age, Clan hunters skin their own deer
    We’re smack dab in the middle of deer season right now, which means it’s a topic that’s very much on my mind at the moment. As such it provides excellent material to write about. Even if you’re not a hunter (like myself), the Clan’s approach to deer season is still pretty interesting.
  • Resentment, not money, fueled voting
    More than half a million dollars in campaign spending didn’t do much to change the outcome of the District 28B race. On the other hand, a candidate who barely spent any time in Minnesota carried the district in the presidential election Tuesday, Nov. 8.
  • Cigars, cameras, windows  ‘connected’ to early Spring Valley
    This column continues with stories of early factories that produced some memorable products when Spring Valley was just “getting going.” Cigar factories?  About 1888 a gent named Harry Mortimer began a cigar factory but soon was bought out by Chas. Sattler who carried on the business. 
  • Clan finds inventive ways to store fall harvest
    One of the problems the Clan encounters as the fall harvest season draws to a close is finding room for everything we’ve gathered. We put up an incredible amount every year, but there never seems to be quite enough space to store it all.
  • Biggest loss this election may really be shared sense of reality
    Our newspaper has never run a story investigating the integrity of an election — until this year. That’s because in 2016, the election process somehow became an issue.
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