I believe that I have found a way to deal with the money-hog corporations that put their destructive greed ahead of humanity itself. It's a seldom-used practice called "shunning." Only living humans can change; man-made creations cannot.

Corporations are artificial "people" that have all but destroyed the biosphere. They have poisoned the water, the soil, and the air by their mindless and heartless consumption of our planet's resources, leaving nothing for future generations.

A corporation has a "birth" date, but NO EXPIRATION DATE...a sort of man-created "immortality." The corporations such as Monsanto have been busy getting control of the food crops by first manipulating the genes of maize (corn) so that the seeds now contain an organism that produces its own poison...to kill the corn rootworm, for instance, and thus increase the yield. Farmers eagerly planted it ... unless... and until they were warned by the book "Seeds of Deception" by Jeffrey Smith. Or until they found that their livestock developed reproductive problems....

Once I understood that corn...or any corn PRODUCT (corn starch, corn syrup, etc.) delivers the poison as well, I bought (and buy) only ORGANIC corn and corn products. Some labels state: No GMO ingredients." But we need ALL GMO food to be labeled.

Thus we can "shun" the product and stop supporting the soulless man-created "people."

Barbara Upton