I would like to respond to last week's letter to the editor by Karen Kloberdanz in regard to skydiving at the Calvary Cemetery. My name is Steve Rowland and although I am quite involved with Chatfield Western Days, I am speaking only in regard to my personal experience.

I made my first skydive last year and was thoroughly exhilarated by it. We did land in the grassy area of the church cemetery. I did not observe parking or any shenanigans by children or anyone else around the existing graves. I never felt that this was at all sacrilegious or disrespectful to the "dearly departed" or their families. I never saw anyone drinking beer at or near the event. I observed the skydiving crew to be very professional, and in no way were any gravesites disturbed.

I feel the statements in last week's letter to the editor were baseless, exaggerated and a gross overreaction. Just my opinion for what it is worth!

Steve Rowland