My mother decided she wanted to travel and visit with friends she hadn't seen in some time. But that meant a long trip, and a great deal of planning. She wanted to travel from a farm 10 miles south of Chatfield, all the way to Douglas, Minn.

Almost none of the farmers had an automobile, including my parents, so it meant harnessing a team of horses, and hitching them to a farm wagon to give my mother and her luggage a ride to the Chatfield railroad station. But first she had to see if her friend in Douglas could meet the train. Because neither had phones, this meant writing a great many letters, and waiting for replies. When all these details were worked out, mother had to let father know what day her friends could give her a buggy ride to the Rochester depot, so he would know what day to hitch the team to the wagon and drive to the Chatfield depot and bring mother home.

So nothing to it: a wagon ride to Chatfield, a train ride to Rochester, then a buggy ride to Douglas, and in only one day mother was in Douglas. Then after visiting for a few days, a buggy ride, then a train ride, then a wagon ride, and in another day she was home. Nothing to it, just life in southern Minnesota in the 1920s.

Mickey Owens

Stewartville Care Center