Re: Things I like.

Over the past several years there have been letters to the editor, written on a regular basis, that seem to find the bad in everything we do. I have grown tired of being told that everything I like is wrong.

I like the fact that Chatfield has a wonderful city park complete with band shell and playground equipment; it is a place that young and old can enjoy. I like our new elementary school on the hill and the neighborhood that is growing around it. Both the school and the park contribute to a growing and vibrant community.

I like all the technology in agriculture. I like genetically modified seed and the new insecticides and herbicides that are far safer than those chemicals that were used in the past. I like a thick, juicy steak or pork chop. I know these animals were raised with the latest and best technology available, which provides us with a safe and nutritious meal. All the advancements in agriculture have allowed us to feed a growing population on far less land than if we all kept the same practices that we were employing 60 years ago.

I like the advancement in medical care. All the technology and science that today's medical community takes advantage of allows us all to live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

I like living in a country where I am part of the 99 percent, but where I have the opportunity, through hard work and determination, to become one of the 1 percent if that is what I choose.

I also like living in a country that has, in my opinion, the best military on earth. The men and women who work every day to preserve your freedoms, as well as trying to bring democracy to those less fortunate than us, deserve nothing less than our full financial and emotional support.

I like living in an area that is blessed with the natural resource of frac sand. This sand allows us to obtain more oil domestically, thus limiting the dependence on foreign oil. This domestic energy source helps me drive my full-size, 4-wheel-drive pickup, which, you guessed it, I also like.

And lastly, I like my Coca-Cola, and I have been known to enjoy a beer or two. I especially like to include a salty snack with my beverage and although I am not one to enjoy a smoke, there are certainly people who enjoy that, also.

Life is too short to be complaining all the time, so lighten up and go do something that will bring enjoyment to you and others.


Scott Sass