Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, the regular meeting of the

School Board of Independent School District No. 227, Olmsted, Fillmore and

Winona Counties was held on December 17, 2012. The meeting was called to

order at 7:00 p.m. at the high school media center. Roll call was taken

with these members present: Schellhammer, Chase, LaPlante, McMahon and

Sturgis. Tuohy was absent. Superintendent Edward Harris, Karyl

Lyon-Business Manager and LuAnn Hare-Administrative Assistant were also


Chairman Chase called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members said

the Pledge of Allegiance.

Schellhammer/LaPlante motion to approve the agenda with the following



5. Approval of Claims and Accounts to 11.4

6.2 Acceptance of Office and Oath of Office-School Board Members

move to 11.5

Motion carried 5-0.

Superintendent Harris presented a power point presentation for the Truth in

Taxation Public Hearing. Superintendent Harris noted that this is mandated

and has to be conducted annually before certifying the school district levy.

Mr. Harris reviewed the impact on local taxes and noted that all the

information will be on the district web site for anyone to review that could

not attend the hearing. There were no questions from the district patrons

or board present.

Mr. Tuohy arrived at 7:20.

Schellhammer/McMahon motion to approve the following consent items:

• Approve regular minutes of November 19, 2012 meeting

• Approve elementary Para position- Karin Halverson

• Approve additional fund raisers-Art Club and Speech

Motion carried 6-0.

Tuohy/LaPlante motion to Certify Final Levy Payable in 2013 of

$2,197,736.85. Chase asked for a roll call vote with Tuohy, Sturgis,

Laplante, Chase, Schellhammer and McMahon voting in favor of the motion.

Motion carried 6-0.

Member Sturgis to adopt the following resolution:



WHEREAS, the financial condition of the school district dictates that

the school board must reduce expenditures immediately, and

WHEREAS, there has been a reduction in expenditures, and

WHEREAS, this reduction in expenditures must include discontinuance of

positions and discontinuance or curtailment of programs, and

WHEREAS, a determination must be made as to which teachers' contracts

must be terminated and not renewed and which teachers may be placed on

unrequested leave of absence without pay or fringe benefits in effecting

discontinuance of positions,

BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board of Independent School District No.

227, as follows: That the School Board hereby directs the Superintendent of

Schools, and administration to consider expenditures and make

recommendations to the school board for the discontinuance of programs,

curtailment of programs, discontinuance of positions or curtailment of


The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly

seconded by Member McMahon and upon vote being taken thereon, the following

voted in favor thereof: Tuohy, Sturgis, LaPlante, Chase, Schellhammer and


And the following vote against the same: none

Whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted. Motion

carried 6-0.

Tuohy/McMahon motion to approve the Chatfield Education Association

Bargaining Agreement for SY 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. A roll call vote was

taken with the following voting in favor; Tuohy, Sturgis, LaPlante, Chase,

Schellhammer and McMahon. Motion carried 6-0.

The Vice Chair, Kathy Schellhammer asked for the three school board

candidates who received the most votes from the November 6th, 2012 election

to please stand and repeat the Oath of Office. Before the oath the vice

chair noted that all three candidates had provided the proper paper work

confirming their Campaign Financial Report. Mrs. Schellhammer then asked

the three board members to raise their right hand and repeat the Oath of


Tuohy/LaPlante motion to approve the Claims and Accounts as presented.

Motion carried 6-0.

Chase noted that the next regular board meeting will be held on January

22, 2013 due to the Martin Luther King observance on January 21st, the

normal meeting date.

McMahon/Schellhammer to adjourn at 7:45 p.m. Motion carried 6-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg LaPlante, Clerk

*The complete minutes of this meeting are on file in the district office or

on the district web page www.chatfieldpublicschools.net