If there is one thing the Wit's End's cast of "Spamalot" wants area residents to know about this play it's that it is absolutely hilarious. The cast members' favorite scenes vary, from French hecklers to "Not Dead Yet." However, everyone is in agreement that this is the funniest play Wit's End Theatre has ever performed.

"This is the best comedy and the most complete comedy we've ever tried," said Joe Chase, a Wit's End veteran who is playing the role of Arthur this year. "We've done other comedies but never one this funny. Add in the great musical numbers and it really is the whole package."

Not only is it the funniest play Wit's End has attempted, it is also a different type of humor. As Chase said, "It's dirty."

Bob Birnbaum, who saw "Spamalot" in London and just had to be a part of this show, said, "Last year ("Last Boy in Blue") was a lot of fun, but this is a different kind of fun. Freer form. Trying not to laugh when you deliver your lines."

His castmate, Matt Dietz, agreed. "We're still laughing at the jokes, even though we've seen it a million times."

Sam Gibson, the Lady of the Lake, said, "It's so silly. It's a very different style of humor than we've done before and people have really embraced it. Really pushed the envelope."

Deb Eggers, who is new to Wit's End, although not new to theater, said she has really enjoyed working with this cast. "There's such great energy and passion for the theater. We spend a lot of hours here, but it's fun."

She went on to talk about the diverse talents of the cast, people with vocal, acting and dance backgrounds.

Emma Strand, also a Wit's End vet, agreed. "There's a lot of people doing multiple things, getting more opportunities to show off their talents."

"It's bigger than any production we've ever done. The sets are big, the personalities are big," said Zach Bouska, who's playing Lancelot in this, his ninth Wit's End production. "Overall it's a very tightknit cast and people are working really well together."

A laugh riot from curtain up to curtain down, one does not want to miss this show. The play opened last weekend, but is taking the stage again this weekend on Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday at 5 p.m. at Potter Auditorium in Chatfield. Ticket information can be found at witsendtheatre.org/tickets.

So come on down and be prepared to laugh.