Emily Armstrong shows off her glitzy cow painting, which will be entered in the Lanesboro Juried High School Art Show.
Emily Armstrong shows off her glitzy cow painting, which will be entered in the Lanesboro Juried High School Art Show.
Chatfield art students have been exploring their creativity by adding a bit of sparkle to a cow, bringing their inner superhero to the page and illuminating a room with a stained-glass lampshade. All of this artwork, plus more from other students in the region, will be displayed during the annual Lanesboro Arts Center's Juried High School Art Show. The exhibition will be opening with a student reception this Saturday, Jan. 12, at 6 p.m. at the Lanesboro Arts Center and continuing through Feb. 2.

The show features artwork by freshmen through seniors from Chatfield, Fillmore Central, Lanesboro and Rushford-Peterson. The media varies from stained glass lamps to coil construction pottery, watercolor superhero and self portraits, acrylic hard-edge paintings, marker drawings, abstract expressionist paintings, painted shoes, mirror etchings, altered books, toothpick sculptures and more.

"I think it's pretty cool - an actual show - because most often, we usually do stuff and take it home, and this lets other people from other places see it," said Chatfield High School art student Frankie Littrell, whose artwork will be included in show.

His work, a stained glass and pottery lamp, is accompanied by pieces such as Emily Armstrong's be-glittered, red-hatted Holstein painting and superhero portraits by other art students made to represent what kind of superhero they would be if they could be one.

Sami Anderson looks forward to "everybody getting to see our work and admiring it," taking a moment to discern the inspiration for each piece and gain understanding the power each holds, be it spreading shards of brilliantly-hued light for all to see or just giving someone a giggle.

"Our school has participated for about five years, and we're one of four schools with artwork on display during the show," explained Chatfield art instructor Kelly Puent.

She added the show "gives students an opportunity to have their work shown in a professional gallery for a juried show," something she described as rare and often reserved only for professional and established artists.

"It also gives our community and surrounding communities a chance to see the great work that our kids are doing," Puent added.

As an art teacher, Puent enjoys choosing the work to be submitted to the show, noting that the submissions from all four schools include a wide variety of mediums and styles. She feels the items that will be displayed in Lanesboro will show the high quality work Chatfield High School students are capable of.

She pointed out that the show offers students the vision to appreciate their own talents, stating, "Having their work on display in a real gallery shows them that art can be a legitimate career and is valued within a community."

She encouraged students and their families to attend the show's opening this Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and to also return to take a second look at the works on display, taking more time to peruse the possibilities of becoming an artist in some capacity, even if it starts with a Holstein and a superhero in a green cape.

Puent thanked the Chosen Valley Community Foundation for its donation toward the purchase of supplies to create the lamps. "We wouldn't be able to do these projects without their wonderful help," she explained.

The Lanesboro Arts Center has galleries located at 103 N. Parkway Ave. and 206 N. Parkway Ave. in Lanesboro. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, one may call the Lanesboro Arts Center at (507) 467-2446.