Mike Stock wants people to make the beans fly as part of Chatfield's Chill Fest on Saturday, Jan. 25, as the Chatfield Fire Department is sponsoring its first-ever beanbag toss at the Bernard Bus garage.

"I enjoy throwing beanbags," said Stock, "and I thought it would be fun to add another event and bring people to town."

Stock first considered the idea of holding a Chill Fest beanbag tournament while helping with a tournament during last year's Western Days. He observed that Chill Fest began as a larger town celebration over a decade ago but has since dwindled enough that revitalization through the addition of activities seemed like an idea to pursue.

"When Chill Fest first started, we had a parade, and it was a bigger celebration. I figured that if we had a place to hold a beanbag tournament, it would be great to get more things happening again and bring people together," he said. "I helped out with the Western Days tournament at the fire hall, and I started thinking of places we could hold a tournament during Chill Fest...now that we have the bus garage - where the dances are held during Western Days - we have a tournament with room for 48 teams."

He pointed out that while some beanbag tournament players are skilled from going to every tournament available, the Chill Fest tournament is to be one for people of all skill levels. There will be three brackets, and there will be cash paybacks, and they hope to have trophies.

"We want it so that the social or part-time player doesn't get beat out...we want it to be fun and give an option to Chill Fest in addition to the Polar Plunge," said Stock. "If there's a great turnout, we're looking to do it as an annual event."

The Chatfield Fire Department's beanbag toss is going airborne at the Bernard Bus garage this Saturday, Jan. 25. Registration begins at 10 a.m., and cost is $40 per team. The Chatfield Ambulance Service will be serving concessions during the event. For more information, contact Stock at (507) 696-0643 or Mike Bernard at (507) 867-3410.