"Our singular purpose is to raise money to help people, like the former

Rochester High School coach who had part of her leg amputated. The surgery

saved her life from a flesh eating bacteria. She used the money to pay

bills and for a prosthesis," says Gene Peters, president and guitarist of

the Booker Mini (Band) Foundation. "We're so grateful for how generous

people have been this year. It meant the Booker Mini Foundation helped more

people in desperate circumstances because of an illness says Peters. "We

were able to fulfill more requests this last year and that's a great

feeling, but as with past years, when the account is dry we aren't able to

get them the financial help that is vital. The Booker Mini Foundation Board

has decided again that we need to raise even more money, $250,000 is our

goal, to help families struck with serious illness that cripples them


"Another family we helped when the mother of four and working two jobs

was diagnosed with cancer and unable to work for two months following her

surgery. The husband has also been without work. The family had $50 in

savings and their checking account, zero. They needed to pay their utility

bills and the mortgage company wanted to escrow $760 for property taxes,"

according to Peters.

"If there is another charity that returns this much money right to

those who need it I'm unaware of it. We are a completely volunteer

organization so, 93 cents of every dollar goes right to families that need

the help."

"And let's be clear, Booker Mini Foundation is bringing people together,

but it's the help of our sponsors, who donate their time, their products,

their services and then it's people who give their money...everyday people who

have their own obligations who give us a buck, or 10 or a hundred. It's

their generosity that makes this work," says Peters.

So far, Booker Mini Foundation has helped over 115 families in five

counties in southeastern Minnesota.

To arrange an interview with Booker Mini Foundation or people served by

the Foundation contact: Gene Peters 507-282-5985, LuAnn Buechler

507-951-1468, or James Rasmussen 507-271-8041.