The holiday season is quickly approaching and it's time to think about

how we can help those in need in our community. Again this year, the

Sharing Tree, Tabitha Project, and other Christmas programs are combined

into the Chatfield Christmas Project and we need your help. Beginning about

Nov. 19, hearts will be hanging on the tree in the window at the Chatfield

News office. Each of these hearts has information about a child on it -

age, sex, size and interests. Picking up a heart and providing gifts for a

child can make a much brighter Christmas not only for that child, but for

the one who gives.

Make sure to sign the sheet when a heart is picked up and turn the

gifts, along with the heart, back in to the Chatfield News by Wednesday,

Dec. 5.

Monetary donations are also very welcome. There are Chatfield Christmas

Project donation cans in many of the businesses in town. We appreciate any

and all help.

Are you in need of help with providing gifts for your child and/or children?

If you are in need of providing gifts for your child and/or children

this Christmas, live in the Chatfield area, and have not applied for help at

the county, contact Darce Ovel at 507-259-9927 or Heather Hopp at

507-867-4152. The Chatfield Christmas Project (Sharing Tree/Tabitha

Project) may be able to help you.