Chatfield Girl Scouts of Troop 40346 were out selling cookies recently. From left are Rhiannon Kosnopfal, Isabelle Berg and Abigail Kumpf.
Chatfield Girl Scouts of Troop 40346 were out selling cookies recently. From left are Rhiannon Kosnopfal, Isabelle Berg and Abigail Kumpf.
From daisies to ambassadors, they've got some smart cookies.

"We have 10 troops and about 68 Girl Scouts in our service unit in Chatfield, ranging from Daisies up to Ambassadors," said Chatfield Girl Scout service unit leader Laura Adams.

In anticipation of the observation of National Girl Scout Week this week, March 10 through March 16, she pointed out, "We have troops with up to 14 girls, some with only two or three, some have Daisies - kindergarteners - and we have two Ambassadors."

Girl Scout Week recognizes the greatness of the organization that brings young ladies together to build leadership skills and learn how to serve the people of the world around them.

Adams stated, "Girl Scouting helps girls learn leadership and it makes them great leaders in our nation."

Chatfield's Girl Scouts have kept very busy within the past year.

"We had our Centennial Day, or 100-year service project in October - we raked leaves in the park, and when we were done, we had well over 250 bags of leaves," Adams recalled.

Other projects included water-quality projects, serving at the Lions Club's annual Christmas dinner for senior citizens and putting together tied blankets for the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester.

Adams also added, "The Ambassadors are working on the Girl Scouts Park by the swimming pool, doing the work on the playground there for their silver and gold awards. The gold award is the highest award the scouts can receive, and they've been working on the park for the past two years, and it should be finished soon. It used to be the Jaycees Park, but it's the Girl Scouts Park now, and they've done a lot of work, sandblasting the equipment, painting things and making sure that safety measures are in place."

The Girl Scouts have also had a lot of fun the past year, going to Tweite's Pumpkin Patch and some of the girls went to the Great Girl Gathering at the Mall of America to celebrate Girl Scoutings' 100 years.

Locally, the Girl Scouts organization thrives and fosters strong character in girls ages 6 to 18, thanks to the women who model leadership.

Adams noted that some Scout leaders have dedicated decades to growing girls into leaders. "Our longest-running Girl Scout leader, Doreen Amy, has been with Girl Scouts for at least 35 years," she said. " She's been very instrumental in making sure we do all the fun things and activities, like Thinking Day and Girl Scout Week, and she keeps us on track so we don't forget these things. She has great ideas. Right now, she leads a sixth grade troop, and she's great at what she does."

Adams is proud to be a part of Girl Scouts alongside Amy, sharing in the adventures and endeavors the girls take on, encouraging them to reach for goals and achieve them.

Not to be forgotten, Adams pointed out, "Girl Scout cookies are still available in Chatfield. "There are a lot of girls selling cookies. They're trying to go to camp this year - some are trying to go to troop camp - and selling cookies makes it easier for them to get to camp. So if you'd like cookies, they're available until March 17. There's also a cookie booth finder online at, or people can call me."