Jessica Bester will be teaching agriculture and industrial technology for the Chatfield School District.
Jessica Bester will be teaching agriculture and industrial technology for the Chatfield School District.
Jessica Bester's ag is in the ball park.

"I looked back at some of my projects when I was in elementary, and I went back and forth on a few things but the three main things I wanted to be were either an author, teacher or singer. Looks like I was in the ball park," said Chatfield's new teacher. She will be teaching agriculture classes as well as industrial technology, specifically Industrial Tech 8, Industrial Tech 9, Careers 8, Metalworking and Media Productions.

This will be her first year of teaching. She graduated from Randolph High School in 2008, and from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in December 2012.

Bester explained how she determined that teaching agriculture was what she truly wanted to do. "I have a passion for agriculture. I grew up on a dairy farm in Hampton (Minn.) and wanted to share my knowledge with students. I chose to become a teacher after I did a few reigns of being a Dairy Princess and looked at how much fun I had just teaching the students about the dairy industry," she said. "This happened to combine both of these into one complete career for me."

Bester also said the variety of classes that she can teach as an agriculture teacher fulfills her love of teaching how things work.

She's had some experience teaching while she was in school. "I substitute taught at a few schools around my hometown, but this will be my first real teaching job," she related, adding that she chose to come to Chatfield because "it reminds me of home and the community seems to be very supportive, as well as friendly."

The staff has welcomed her well, too. "I am excited to start this new adventure, and they all have been so helpful already. I look forward to working with this great group," Bester said. "I am excited to try some new projects and concepts that the students may have not had in an industrial technology class, as well as meeting the new students I will be teaching."

As in any school, a challenge is getting to know the students as quickly as possible so Bester hopes she, as a teacher, can help the students learn to their best ability and help them out as much as possible in the classroom.

"Of course, coming into a school as the new teacher will have its challenges as well as its successes, and I look forward to them all," she added.

She feels students should focus on what interests them and said what they learn can lead them in any direction they want to go.

"I hope to be a teacher that the students can think of as a role model and make them realize their full potential," she said. "I want them to exceed in my classroom and get their brain thinking so they can have that 'ah ha' moment."

Bester continued, "I am hoping to help out with the FFA program and coach some teams, take students on field trips to surrounding areas, and more."

Bester will also be helping out with prom at the end of the year, which will be a new adventure for her. She looks forward to getting to know the students and building a relationship with them in the classroom, through FFA or any of the other activities she may become involved with. She is also dedicating a good portion of this school year to getting to know the parents, the staff and the community as a whole.

Bester just moved to Chatfield and has settled into her Main Street apartment. Her parents and brother live back on her family farm in Hampton.

"We got rid of the dairy cows almost three years ago and now raise dairy heifers and steers, as well as chickens," she said. "My brother is in his final year at WITC in New Richmond, Wis., and plans on coming back to help out on the family farm, as well as start his own someday."

Bester describes her father as the typical dairy farmer, even though her family no longer has the cows. "He still gets up very early and goes all day," she said.

Her mother was a stay-at-home-mom and helps out at church now that her children are grown up

Bester spends her own free time on the ball field and on hiking trails. "I have played softball since I was little and played all the way through college, so I like to play slowpitch to stay with the game as much as possible," she said. "I enjoy listening to music, reading a good book or just being outside playing sports or going on adventure hikes."