Business teacher Art Gust is retiring from Chatfield High School.  PHOTO BY GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Business teacher Art Gust is retiring from Chatfield High School. PHOTO BY GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Art Gust is graduating high school...after college.

"I've been a teacher off and on for 18 years," Gust said as he prepares to retire from Chatfield High School. "After college at Bemidji State, I was an instructor at a vocational school, then high school, spent 21 years in banking, then went back to high school for the last 14 years."

He explained that he has taught economics and finance, accounting, Careers 8, Keyboarding 7, applied business math and advanced webpage and yearbook in grades seven through 12.

"This was an area that students are missing, and state statistics have shown that," he added. "I was able to put this class together with finance fundamentals that are needed and used daily."

The former banking employee turned teacher had also considered "working for a large business and staying in banking," but he felt that teaching students how to manage their careers and finances and navigate investments was very important.

"I originally started in teaching because I enjoyed introducing new ways and ideas to students, giving them something to look at and think of for a career," Gust added.

Since he started teaching, things have changed a little, or maybe even a lot.

"The biggest is technology, definitely, but students do not take their actions seriously, and teachers have a harder time to teach students because of more guidelines and mounds of paperwork and e-mails," he admitted. "But technology definitely has changed teaching for the better. If you have the technology, and it works, things go so well."

Gust feels especially rewarded by his job.

"The big thing is knowing you left the students with something they will need and use," he said and added that he has particularly enjoyed the moments "when students catch on to what you're going over and how it will help them, and when they come back after graduation and take the time to let you know that what you taught them came in handy."

He chose to retire because he'd given it sound financial and social exploration.

"I attended some seminars that included looking into retirement, and I decided to check it out. After lengthy discussion with my wife, I made that decision."

He'll most miss the new students with their new personalities, but he has plenty to do with his time. Gust said he plans to spend his retirement fixing up his hobby farm and spending time with family.

"I enjoy fixing things, stock investing, spending time with family, traveling and the grandchildren," Gust concluded.