Got summer?

Rec it.

"We've made many additions to Summer Rec - track and field, Frisbee golf, whiffle ball and kickball, lawn games, sand volleyball and three-on-three basketball," said Chatfield community education director LuAnn Klevan. "We are once again offering summer theater, tennis, first tee golf, babysitting clinics, Project Go and a few sports camps."

She explained some of the changes made to the district's summer recreation program, including the addition of new activities and the discontinuation of some.

Klevan explained, "Chatfield Summer Rec no longer offers softball for kids currently in third grade or older - the participation in the baseball program has been strong, but softball numbers were very low."

She added that because there is another community option for softball, she and the community education committee decided to no longer offer it through Summer Rec.

"However, we are now offering a larger variety of activities for kids in grades kindergarten through sixth," Klevan continued. "Along with the 8U Softball - previously known as 3-Pitch, baseball and tee-ball, we are offering an entirely new menu of activities. The activities promote physical activity, friendly competition and fun."

The community education department has had some challenges in planning Summer Rec each spring, as predicting the participation level in order to determine staffing needs is always a challenge in the spring. "Also, the needs and desires of families vary greatly," Klevan added. "We try to make decisions based on the majority, when possible. Sometimes, it's a guessing game. Once we decided not to offer softball, we realized that this was the perfect time to redesign Summer Rec."

She said she and the committee looked for activities where participants could just have fun and some where they could learn new skills.

"Students who do not particularly enjoy softball or baseball will have the opportunity to participate with others, learn new skills, and enjoy being outdoors," Klevan stated.

In addition to the programming being open to anyone who lives in the Chatfield area, Klevan hopes the Chatfield Summer Rec's expanded activities will provide numerous chances for children to take part.

"There's more possibilities, so hopefully kids will find something they want to try," she said. "The activities are typically offered in two-week blocks. Therefore, families do not have to commit to a whole summer. Activities will be led by supervisor Kaitlyn Keefe and high school assistants. We are very excited about the new direction, and hope families will take advantage of the opportunities."

Klevan is rewarded by seeing children enjoying the summer while they participate in Chatfield Summer Rec activities and invited anyone interested in registering to contact her by email at