Ben Brogan was the winner of the CHS geography bee.
Ben Brogan was the winner of the CHS geography bee.
Lee Becker's the geography man and Ben Brogan's the bee guy.

"The geography bee is a competition of all seventh and eighth graders, and there were seven finalists - Austin Swancutt, Logan Boyum, Nathaniel Fox, Noah Schoenfelder, Ben Brogan, Isabelle Berg and Karley Aguiar," said Chatfield High School (CHS) geography instructor Lee Becker, speaking of the annual geography bee that CHS holds for its junior high students each December.

This year's bee was held on Friday, Dec. 20, just before the Christmas vacation bell rang, to afford students a chance to share their knowledge of the globe's straits, sounds, peninsulas and valleys.

Becker announced, "Seventh grader Ben Brogan won the school bee. He will now take a test to try and qualify for the state meet in April at St. Cloud State University."

The school is proud to send Brogan if he should pass the test, as last year, Kadin Hill was a competitor at the state competition and showed that he knew his Alaska, straits and sounds.

Becker explained how the bee works, noting, "Preliminary competition takes place in my classroom, with the top seven students moving on to the school bee."

Becker explained that most students don't do any special preparation, but the knowledge they've attained through their education is what they depend on during the bee.

Becker pointed out some of the questions students are asked to answer are "very difficult" and that the bee isn't just a test of basic geographical knowledge. Students face the challenges of "being put on the spot" and they learn to be ready to answer increasingly difficult questions as the bee progresses.

The teacher related the bee lends itself well toward assisting students in mastering geography and helps them apply what they've learned.

"We have a good time with it in the classroom and the final bee," he added.