In response to the retirement of former wastewater treatment plant superintendent Darryl Haner, Clerk Joel Young recommended the council approve the promotion of assistant plant operator Pat O'Neill to the superintendent position at the Chatfield City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 28. Young said O'Neill had been trained in preparation for this scenario and had the required Class B license for the position.

The council approved this recommendation and O'Neill was to start in the new position as of Nov. 1.

Discussion followed the previous approval on what action the council would take to fill the now vacant assistant position. Young said there was no one locally who would qualify and be able to immediately step into the role. The position requires a class B wastewater treatment license.

He mentioned that there was a similar, but more basic position which required only a class D license. Again, he shared there was no one who currently qualified for the position.

Young then noted that current maintenance worker Tyler Burke had expressed interest in becoming certified for a wastewater plant position. After some discussion, the council authorized Burke to begin developing a plan to obtain the necessary certifications.

City Superintendent Tony Lammers commented that Burke had worked at a wastewater plant in Rochester during the summer and had become interested. It was noted that Burke would continue in his maintenance job, but would start shifting his focus and work more toward the plant.

Councilmen Jacobson asked if that would require the hire of a new maintenance worker. Young said it would and the council authorized city staff to start the recruitment process for finding a new maintenance worker.

Young concluded discussion on the topic by thanking Haner for his work.

Committee reports

Dan Jaquith, city emergency manager, had briefed the Public Works committee on a few issues that will be coming up for the city, some relating to ambulance bills.

Young shared that Rochester City Lines expressed further interest in learning more about what people's needs are for bussing. A survey will be sent out in the next mailing of utility bills which will allow the company to know if bussing hours and capacity should be extended.

The Chatfield American Legion had expressed interest to the Park and Recreation committee in creating a monument honoring Chatfield veterans. The committee will receive a preliminary drawing of the monument and an idea of where it will sit in the park on Nov. 12. Jacobson said the monument would be a nice thing for the city. The monument would cover veterans from the Dakota and Civil wars to present times.

Lammers reported that the downtown trees had been planted. Four different kinds of trees planted were ginkgos, lindens, oaks and pyramidal hornbeams. In preparation for winter, all the parks have been winterized and the salt and sand mix finished.

In his clerk's report, Young asked the council to approve the consulting services from Bolton & Menk. Their planner, Kristi Clarke, had provided planning and zoning services to the city for over seven years and had recently changed jobs to be affiliated with Bolton & Menk. She had expressed to the council a desire to continue providing planning services to the city. The council approved the contract with Bolton & Menk.

The city approved the payment of $4,555 to the community education program which ran the summer baseball and softball programs.

Young also noted that it was the city's obligation to finish painting crosswalk marking by the new Kwik Trip after which the crosswalk signs would be able to be installed.

In order to observe Veterans Day, the next city council meeting will be held Tues. Nov. 12.