In a Chatfield City Council meeting of just under five minutes, members approved getting plans and specs drawn up for a city water project.

City superintendent Tony Lammers explained the project involved two areas. The first, in the south end of town, would connect Main Street to Winona Street. Lammers said it would help if service downtown needed to be shut off, "we could service the other half of town without having too many problems."

The second part of the project would be taking a dead-end on Second Street and connecting it to Third Street through the city's cement plant property.

City engineer Dave Morrill of McGhie & Betts estimated the first project at $65,000 and the second at $66,000.

Lammers also said Morrill will need to talk with property owner Linus Hammell on the south end property for that route. Morrill had initially talked to those involved to give a "head's up," but would talk to them again if the vote was to move ahead.

In other business:

• City clerk Joel Young said a joint powers agreement with Olmsted County would be in front of the council at its next meeting for warning siren maintenance and activation.

• Young also noted that ribbons would be put up in town to denote Sexual Violence Awareness Month and stay up for a month.