Details on summer roadwork and the subsequent detours and scheduling dates for projects were shared during the Fillmore County Board of Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, May 14.

County engineer Ronald Gregg asked the board to approve resolutions for several state bridge bonding projects. The bonding projects have either started with construction or will begin in the next couple weeks.

Two bridges on County Road 7 in Chatfield Township are being built with grants worth around $105,000. The construction of a concrete box culvert on County Road 23 in Holt Township is attached to a grant of around $24,000. The bridge underway in Carimona Township along County Road 15 was estimated to cost around $276,000. Gregg said the county would be able to spend all the money on those projects. Any money left over would be sent back to the state. Bakke clarified that any additional costs would come from township dollars.

The Highway 16 project and related detour information was shared. The 18-mile full-depth reclamation and bituminous surfacing project from Lanesboro to Rushford will have a detour run along Highways 250, 30 and 43. A public meeting to answer questions about the timeline and closure was held that same evening, May 14, in Rushford.

The six-mile Highway 52 to Lanesboro portion of the Highway 16 project will start on June 3. Lane closures with flaggers and pilot cars will be in place. A short-term detour along County Road 17 and County Road 8 will be in place during a culvert replacement. A public meeting will be held in Lanesboro on Tuesday, May 21, to discuss this project and the Lanesboro to Rushford portion.

The 15-mile Highway 16 segment from Spring Valley to Preston will also commence on June 3. Two detours will be in place during two culvert replacements. One will be along Highway 63 and County Road 12. The other will be along County Road 5, Highway 80 and Highway 52. Otherwise, lane closures with a pilot car and flaggers will be in place. A public meeting will be held on May 23 in Spring Valley.

The eight-mile Highway 80 mill and overlay project between Highway 16 and Highway 52 will begin in the fall. No detours are being planned so far for this project.

The 13-mile Highway 44 mill and overlay from Highway 52 to Spring Grove will have a detour during a culvert replacement. It will run along County Road 21, County Road 12 and Highway 43.

Human Resources

Human Resources officer Kristina Kohn presented several non-union pay plan recommendations to the board relating to the Bjorklund Consulting market study. Market adjustments of 1.5 percent to the maximum were approved for the financial officer, Veteran Services officer and Building Maintenance supervisor. The board also approved a reclassification of the Human Resources officer position to Grade 9 from Grade 7. The changes would take effect in phases on July 1 and Oct. 1

Kohn mentioned that the board had gone from being 14 percent off the market to nearing their goal of keeping current wages at 95 percent of market value.

The board decided to table the general adjustment of non-union maximums and placement of them on the plan because the cost-of-living value was unknown. The adjustment will be discussed at the beginning of 2014.

Committee reports

Commissioner Chuck Amunrud shared news from the Work Force Joint Powers Board that this region has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation for returning veterans. Amunrud expressed appreciation for the area's efforts in employing returned veterans at a less than one percent unemployment rate. He also stated 5,900 adults and youth were made eligible for career counseling and placement services.

Commissioner Randy Dahl said the sequester has caused the Head Start program at Semcac to dispose of their two buses and cancel their busing program.

In light of the recent Marriage Equality bill signed into law by the governor, Dahl said the county would be looking into what they would need to do to comply with the law.

Bakke shared his thoughts on the worker's compensation bill passed through the Legislature. The legislation, he said, would increase costs to the private sector. "It's interesting the trading going on up there," he said about this year's legislative session.

Other business

The board approved an access permit in Chatfield Township, section 7, for access to County Road 40 from a four-acre parcel.

Bakke announced that Matthew Opat would be sworn in as the new Third Judicial District Judge on June 28 at 3 p.m. at Potter Auditorium in Chatfield.

Sheriff Daryl Jensen shared that it was National Police Week and a memorial service would be held on Friday in Rochester at Soldier's Field at 10 p.m. The service would pay tribute to Fillmore County Deputy Sheriff Walter Kruegel who was killed on duty on Nov. 10, 1954.

The board approved the application for a display of fireworks for Eagle Cliff Campground for Friday, July 5.