CCTV coordinator Craig Manahan received a publicity award for promoting Chatfield's wrestling program.
CCTV coordinator Craig Manahan received a publicity award for promoting Chatfield's wrestling program.
Craig Manahan, Chatfield Community Television's (CCTV) coordinator, has been honored for his efforts in promoting high school wrestling by the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches.

He was nominated by Joel Viss, the Chatfield High School (CHS) wrestling coach, and was entered into competition for the award with local media coordinators from across the state. He was surprised when he received notification that he had won the award.

"All media operations and their personnel are eligible to be nominated. That includes newspapers, radio stations, commercial television stations and cable stations such as CCTV," he explained.

He learned of his award during the state wrestling tournament. "I was surprised when one of our CCTV wrestling commentators, Mike Buss, sent me a text with a photo of the award plaque attached. It was presented by an association of coaches in appreciation for promoting their sport," Manahan explained. "Coaches are very busy people in season, and oftentimes the media don't get top priority. When you're nominated and receive the award from coaches, you know it's special."

The award will promote Chatfield's schools and CCTV.

"In much the same way a winning team draws attention to a school's program, this award draws attention to the school, the school's sports program and the coverage of those sports all at once," Manahan stated. "Further, the great year our wrestlers had and the CCTV award for covering their sport will only serve to enhance Chatfield High School and the community."

Regarding CCTV and the award, Manahan continued, "Publicity is what the media is all about, no matter what you're covering. When you win a 'publicity award,' it can only serve to help your organization by drawing in new sponsors, new volunteers and enhanced programming."

Manahan places great value on school sporting events, therefore he takes special pride in relaying them to Chatfield's citizens and those who receive CCTV programming outside of Chatfield.

"I believe that high school sports and fine arts are just about as pure a competition as you can watch. The game, the match or the performance are what it's all about and doing your best is what's important," Manahan stressed. "Everyone can't win the event, but everyone can be a winner, and that's what counts."

CCTV has recorded Chatfield High School sporting events throughout the school year for the past 12 years.

"During the high school winter sports season, CCTV covered about 45 events in a three-month period. That number will be between 120 to 150 total events in a typical year, including sports and all other types of programming," Manahan explained. "CCTV does this with almost entirely volunteer help, including our board of directors and those that direct, announce and run cameras at CCTV events. As if that isn't impressive enough, we generally put a quality product on the air each and every time. To this day, I'm still somewhat amazed by all that we've accomplished."

Those accomplishments include announcing Chatfield's wrestling meets.

"CCTV covered every dual wrestling meet that Chatfield participated in during the 2012-2013 season, plus the Section 1A Individual Tournament in Rochester and the State Class A Individual Tournament in St. Paul. Chatfield's dual record was 31-2, so we covered a total of 35 wrestling events," Manahan pointed out.

The state wrestling tournament garnered extra CCTV coverage, as the coordinator and volunteers wished to cheer on Chatfield's hometown boys as they sparred on the mats.

The CCTV wrestling crew of Mike Buss, Dave Johnson, Trevor Bly, Brian Burkholder and Dennis Jeche covered Gopher wrestling at the state team and individual tournaments at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

"State tournaments are always very exciting and a special place to be, not only for the student-athletes participating but also for the fans and our CCTV crew members," Manahan added. "It's very gratifying to know that CCTV is going to make at least part of that experience possible for those who can't be there in person. It's an experience not soon forgotten, especially when you have a great year like the 2012-2013 Gopher wrestlers."

Manahan enjoys his job for numerous reasons, beginning with narrating sports programs.

"I announced my first CCTV sporting event on Dec. 1, 2000, so I'm in my 13th year and, by the way, those years have just flown by," he said. "This is the first official award for CCTV or me, but we have received many, many compliments and thanks for what we do from all around the area."

Manahan added, "I love sports-casting and that great feeling you get when the production is 'in the can,' and you know you've got a quality product for viewers to watch. Having said that, the best part of the job is having someone from the community or area come up to me and say, 'Thanks for what you do. I really enjoy watching CCTV.' What can be better than that?"

The coordinator highlighted volunteers' work on CCTV, noting, "I think it's important for everyone to know how dedicated our volunteers and sponsors are to CCTV, and that we are always looking for more sponsors to cover expenses, and more volunteers to cover our event schedule. It's a big time commitment for the volunteers, but I hope that each and every one of them get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in being part of the CCTV experience."

The wrestling coaches' award has emphasized Manahan's appreciation for his job and the people with whom he works.

"I've had the good fortune to live and work all around the country and even overseas, and I've met a lot of great people in my travels, but you can still come home and can make a difference wherever you are," Manahan said. "I hope that CCTV has made a difference for all our viewers around the world."

He concluded, "When CCTV became available on the Internet a few years back, I used to use the slogan 'The World is Watching CCTV.' After this media award, I kind of like the slogan, 'CCTV: Award-Winning Television for the Chosen Valley!'"