F & M Community Bank recently made several donations to help support the

Chatfield community. The organizations receiving support were: Chatfield

EDA - $500 to be applied to their contract with Community and Economic

Development Associates; Chatfield Center for the Arts - $500 for its

continued development; Wit's End Theater - $500 for their community theater

program; and Chosen Valley Community Foundation - $1,000 for their endowment fund.

According to Dan Christian-son, CEO, "These donations demonstrate our

desire to reinvest in the communities we serve. We believe these

organizations positively impact the Chatfield area and make it a better

place to live and work. We hope to continue to partner with them to help

them in their valuable missions."

F & M Community Bank is a locally-owned community bank which was founded

in 1911 and is based in Preston, with a branch office in Chatfield.