Doc Shipton and Tony Cole are proud to be the organizers of the Chatfield Center for the Arts' first comedy tour.  GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Doc Shipton and Tony Cole are proud to be the organizers of the Chatfield Center for the Arts' first comedy tour. GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Tony Cole's bringing the theatrics, but Doc Shipton's bringing the talent of Jon Wilson, Rick Logan and Andy Holt.

"I'm bringing a theater background with a vision that's impactful and he's bringing the talent," said Cole, who credits his theater background and Shipton's show business promotion experience with being the assets that will converge to offer the first-ever live comedy show at the Chatfield Center for the Arts (CCA) this Saturday, Nov. 23.

Shipton commented, "I'm great behind the scenes and he's great up front."

The prospect of putting on a live comedy show seemed like "a perfect fit" for the CCA, according to Cole, who stated, "Chatfield has had live music, theater music, instrumental music, but never had live comedy, so this is a perfect match."

Shipton has been hosting and promoting shows and games since 2005, but Cole had never had the opportunity to meet him, so he meandered into a comedy hour show Shipton was hosting at an area golf course.

They'd kicked around the idea of holding a comedy tour in local bars, but that didn't pan out, so the "Legion Room at the CCA made sense," Cole related.

The show brings the talents of Wilson, Logan and Holt together for an evening of laughter.

According to Jon Wilson's website biography, "Jon Wilson is quickly becoming a favorite performer out of Minneapolis. His act is unique, memorable and, of course, hilarious. In 2011 Jon appeared on the Showtime special 'Louie Anderson Presents.' He has featured at clubs all around the Midwest, spreading his unique brand of humor to delighted audiences wherever he goes."

Rick Logan's biography cited, he "has been making people laugh for most of his life - recently on purpose." He is originally from the East Coast and has performed and clowned around the streets of Philadelphia and the Atlantic City Boardwalk before moving to Minnesota and Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop where he wrote, acted, sang and improvised in eight shows over three years. In opening for Carrot Top, he also got to perform stand-up on the Southwest Airlines flight to Vegas - becoming the ONLY member of 'The Mile High Club: Comedy Division'."

Andy Holt is saving his biography for the show, as none was available...hmm. A man with a punchline.

Shipton and Cole are excited to bring the trio to the CCA stage, as Shipton pointed out, "How often do you get to see three-star, live comedy in Chatfield with a headliner who's opened for Louie Anderson?"

And Cole asked, "Who doesn't want to laugh?"

Additionally, upcoming shows are set for Saturday, Jan. 4, featuring Lee L. A. Lycan, Josh Florhaug and Sue Johnson; a dinner theater evening on Feb. 15 with Dwight York, Paul Dillery and Lindsay Hensel; another dinner event on April 5 with Mark Poolos, John Russell and Jenn Schaal; and a final show on May 17 with Robert Baril, Andrew Carpenter and Liz Donehue.

Dinner shows will be catered by The Wolf's Den in Ostrander.

The show opens at 8 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 23, at the Chatfield Center for the Arts' Legion Room. Tickets are $15 per person for the first show and are available at JAC's Bar and Grille in Chatfield, from the CCA box office at (507) 867-2927, or from

Shows are rated for those 21 years of age and older, and alcohol will be served.

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