Help Our Neighbors in Chatfield is actively recruiting volunteers to help with all of its services for the senior citizens in the community.

The organization is looking for volunteers who are willing to help seniors in their home with light housekeeping, gardening, mowing, lawn work, transportation in town or to Rochester, raking, washing windows, minor home repair or meal preparation.

There are five good reasons to consider volunteering with Help Our Neighbors. One, it is good for the volunteer. Two, it brings people together. Three, volunteers get the chance to give back. Four, volunteers make a difference. Five, volunteering promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem.

Volunteering also provides physical and mental rewards. It reduces stress when individuals focus on someone other than themselves and it interrupts tension. It makes one healthier as moods and emotions like joy strengthen the immune system. Volunteerism is an investment in the community and the people who live in it.

If one is interested, call Sue A. Awes at (507) 251-0520 to learn more about what is being done at Help Our Neighbors and how to find a service that is a perfect opportunity. Many services only take 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Help a senior stay in their home and in the community they love.