Everybunny ready?

Time to hop into the shell for eggs!

"This year's Easter egg hunt will be held at the city park band shell, rain, snow, sun or frost," said Chatfield Commercial Club President Paula Bessingpas. She and her fellow business owners are preparing to welcome little peeps to hunt for Easter eggs in the park on Saturday, April 12, at 9 a.m., no matter what the weather.

The hunt features a chance to search for several hundreds of eggs, and there are three age categories - infant through 4, 5 through 7 and 8 through 10 - to be sure that everyone gets to put a couple in each of their paws.

Bessingpas explained, "Everyone will receive a bag with eggs and treats - some eggs have slips in them for a designated prize, and the Easter bunny is coming, so parents can bring their cameras to take pictures of their little chicks and chaps with the bunny. And after the hunt, there'll be free cookies and juice so everyone goes home a little sweeter than when they came."

Bessingpas hopes families come to the park "for the excitement of seeing the Easter bunny, because the Easter bunny means spring and candy, green grass, no more snow."

Better yet, the hunt is being held the same day as the Chatfield Fire Department Activities Association's annual Trout Classic, a celebration of opening day on trout streams, so she encouraged families, "If you're there for breakfast - all those good pancakes - hop on over to the park and hunt together."

The Chatfield Commercial Club's Easter egg hunt is set for this Saturday in the city park. Participants are asked to dress for the weather and parents are reminded to check their camera batteries, charge their cell phones and be ready to take pictures of their little peeps in the park.

For more information, one may call Pam Bluhm at (507) 867-3870.