Jackie Hrstka is pleased to show off her new fitness center located on Main Street in Chatfield.  GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Jackie Hrstka is pleased to show off her new fitness center located on Main Street in Chatfield. GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Jackie Hrstka's got a single-floor workout.

The people and perks are the Main thing about it.

(But she recommends the smoothie.)

"It's already been a plus being on Main Street, with many new people coming in to see the place," said Jackie's Health & Fitness proprietor Hrstka, who recently relocated her business from Third Street to Main Street in Chatfield.

Hrstka said she's now happy to welcome fitness center members to a wide open, single-floor gym that will offer 20 pieces of aerobic equipment, including treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines, a full set of Cybex circuit training equipment, a "big free weight area," private showers, tanning, free personal training, weekly exercise classes and smoothies, because everything just goes better with a smoothie.

The owner is pleased to announce that the gym is "open seven days a week now," thanks to the installation of a key card system on the front door, allowing members to work out anytime they wish instead of trying to squeeze their workouts into the hours Hrstka was available at the old, two-story location she opened over a decade ago.

She recounted how she came to be a Chatfield health club owner.

"I opened my first fitness center in Chatfield, July of 2002. When I chose exercise science as my college choice, the main objective was to someday open my own fitness center. For 10 years, I worked at other Rochester fitness centers - Northgate Health Club and the YMCA, to name a couple," she said.

Hrstka added that she was able to learn the different ways health clubs are managed through these experiences as well as "the dos and don'ts." She saw what was effective and what was not for bringing in new members.

"I also taught many exercise classes," she added. "I then spent 10 years as an exercise and health specialist for three rehabilitation centers. It was then time to make the decision to open my new club or maybe forget all about it. I decided to go for it."

Hrstka admitted that her first pick for locating a business wasn't Chatfield because she lived in Rochester at that time. But when she investigated her options there, she discovered that rent was too expensive.

"Then I considered Chatfield," she said. "It, of course, was my hometown. I rented the old post office for 11 years...it was hard to make the decision to leave and go to a new location, but I really wanted the fitness center to be on one level."

Last winter, Hrstka stopped teaching classes in the basement and located the classes to the basement of the old elementary school, where there was much more room and Hrstka and her "Golden Girls" - her senior exercisers - liked to reminisce about when they went to school there.

And once again, this summer, Hrstka faced a "now or never" decision to pack up her entire business and move it up the street to the former HomeStyle Pizza building on Main Street.

"I didn't really like the thought of the move, but it was now or never," she said. "Parking worried me also, but I guess if the upstairs renters and the business people park off Main, it shouldn't be a problem, I was told."

She added, "The move has been a lot more work than I figured. We've been working on it for three weeks and still have a list to do before my open house Saturday, Sept. 7, but my clients have been very patient and several of them have helped me move a lot of huge equipment. I honestly could not have done it without them!"

Hrstka concluded that the best part of moving back to her hometown and opening a club is that she has met some great people and has created many new friendships.

"I'm hoping the open house, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., will bring in new members and friends," she added.

Jackie's Health and Fitness is now at 214 Main Street, Chatfield. For more information, call (507) 867-3744 or (507) 273-7733.